Road to Hana Tours

Embark on an epic journey with family or friends along one of the most famous winding highways in the world, on one of our picks for the best Road to Hana tours. A sightseer’s dream, the Hana Highway boasts some of the most visually stunning sites on the entire island. You’ll cruise down winding roads and be mystified by sights like the famous black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park, awe inspiring Seven Sacred Pools, 54 single lane bridges and over 500 winding curves! A Hana Highway tour is an absolute must for the true Maui sightseer, so buckle up with one of our favorite van tours and enjoy the ride. You won’t regret it!

We have the best Road to Hana tour prices in Maui, guaranteed! As the highest rated rental company on the island, you can be sure we’re here to answer all of your questions and give you the Maui vacation of a lifetime.

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Aloha Sunshine Tours – Road to Hana Van Tour

Let local Hana Highway experts (professional drivers) do all the driving for you as you sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views. Aloha Sunshine Tours entertains you with fun stories, shares interesting historical facts, as well as educates you with Hawaiian legends and culture in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to discover the best of Maui! Their fleet of luxury, modern vehicles are the most comfortable for the road to Hana with large viewing windows creating comfort and spectacular views for every passenger.

Deli style lunch is included.

Tours Available 7 Days a Week.

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Mahalo Tours – Road to Hana Tour

As a small, family-owned business, Mahalo Tours give one of the best Hana Highway tours available. With smaller, more lightweight vehicles, they’re able to tuck into spots that can’t be accessed by the larger vehicles of other companies. Stopping at all the most majestic locations, and featuring a delicious BBQ lunch, you’re sightseeing adventure along the famed Road to Hana will be one you’ll remember forever!

Continental Breakfast Included. 

Tahitian Style BBQ Lunch at a Private Hana Estate Included.

Tours Available 7 Days a Week.

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Polynesian Adventure Tours – Road to Hana Tour

Embark on an unforgettable Maui adventure with Polynesian Adventure Tours’ Road to Hana tour. Sit back and relax as the largest tour company in Maui’s comfortable vans take you through winding roads, along which you’ll see breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful Maui scenery. With stops like the famous Black Sand Beach and Seven Sacred Pools, this is a Hana Highway tour you won’t soon forget!

Continental Breakfast and Farm Lunch Included. 

Tours Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

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Hana Tours of Maui – Deluxe Road To Hana Tour

Along the exhilarating curves, dense bamboo forests, and lush tropical landscapes Mahalo tours will also satisfy your hunger for knowledge with some of the most informative guides in the business. Learn about the rich history of the state parks and legends of Eastern Maui while relaxing and taking in the awe-inspiring sights through their extra large windows. Book your Hana tour with Aloha and you won’t be disappointed!

Breakfast & Lunch Included.

Tours Available 7 Days a Week.

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Hana Highway History

In ancient times, ancient Mauians didn’t need a road to travel between villages. Before the 14th century, people traveled primarily on canoes. Then, Chief Piilani ordered a path to be created from one community to another on foot, creating one of the first road systems in Maui. This path was known as the King’s Trail. By the nineteenth century, immigrants moved to the town of Hana in Maui and created sugar, rubber, pineapple, and wheat plantations. As more plantations appeared, small roads between them appeared. Partial roads to and from the different towns appeared too. By the twentieth century, the Road to Hana was created and paved in 1962.

Today, the Road to Hana is seen as both a tourist attraction and a road to get from one part of the highway to the other. The highway begins in the city of Kahului, where the airport is and stretches to the town of Hana. To first-time travelers, a 52-mile road doesn’t sound like a challenging drive. However, it’s not as easy as you think. The Road to Hana is filled with blind spots, hairpin curves, one-lane bridges, and waterfalls. It could take three hours if you drive through the highway nonstop! Locals often call the Road to Hana “The Divorce Highway.”

The highway is filled with Mile Markers filled with tourist sites and historical places. There are gardens, old churches, and beautiful plantations to see. To see all of these places could take a long time. However, with careful planning, you could make a long trip on the road, one of the best ideas you’ve ever done!

Most Popular Hana Highway Sights

Keep in mind when visiting any sights along the Hana Highway to be respectful of the environment and those that live there. Locals in this area can become frustrated by disrespectful tourists, which can lead to aggressive acts. Always clean up after yourself and treat their communities like you would your own. The safest way to experience the sights along the Hana Highway is to take part in one of the van or bus tours listed above.

Also, keep in mind that the journey along the Hana Highway is very long and should take an entire day. Make sure you get an early start (before 9am preferably) if you do choose to drive it, as it can become dangerous at night with steep cliffs, narrow passages and hairpin turns.

Paia Town

Paia Town is known as a laid-back surfing town. It’s a small town with only one main road. Enough hippies are living there to make Paia an exciting place to people-watch. Athletes can try fusion yoga, while more laid back tourists can stop in at the local coffee shops and restaurants. One saloon is said to be Willie Nelson’s favorite place to hang out and listen to live music!

Twin Falls

Hikers and nature enthusiasts love one of the more popular stops on the Road to Hana. The lower falls have the most convenient access for people looking for a nice place to swim. As you walk further down the walking path, you can enjoy fresh food at the food stand from Wailele Farm. Wailele Farm is part of Ho’alawa Valley, which is part of the rainforest in Maui. Wailele Farm keeps watch of the Twin Falls, making sure to keep visiting tourists safe from flash floods.

Ho’okipa Beach Park

If surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding is something you’re into, this is the place to go! Experts love to go to this island because of the consistent wind and waves. If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t try the waves yourself, but you can watch other surfers catch waves and get some epic photos. There are picnic tables and observation decks for people who want to watch the surfers in action. Delicious local food trucks often stop by for hungry tourists like yourself if you’d like to indulge in some local dishes. You can enjoy the sunset with majestic Hawaiian green turtles in the evenings here.

Waikamoi Ridge Trail

This quiet hiking trail lays between Twin Falls and the Garden of Eden Arboretum. Depending on how much you want to stretch your legs, a hike can go anywhere between ten minutes to half an hour. The uphill hike is home to multiple thickets of trees. The area also has the oldest tree on the island! Trails show views of the Pacific through the treetops, showing lots of beautiful photo-ops for hobbyist photographers.

Garden of Eden Arboretum

This botanical garden is a must-see for nature lovers. Walking around this place, you can see art galleries and waterfalls, and a rocky lookout from the block buster movie Jurassic Park! The park is well-maintained with ocean views and beautiful photo-ops. You can even take a walk around a banana patch and a 100-year old mango tree!

Kaumahina State Wayside Park

This park is one of the bigger stops on the highway. Most people take advantage of the bathrooms when they pull in here as it’s a nice break after a long ride along the curving highway. This 7.8-acre state park has a hiking trail and a spot to attempt whale watching during whale season! There are picnic tables for those that want to sit and relax.

Honomanu Bay

This place is significant for Hawaiian history enthusiasts. Honomamu Bay has many ancient burial sites around the area. The black sand beaches aren’t ideal for swimming though, because the waters are known for rip tides.  We recommend passing on the opportunity to get some swimming in here. However, you can still go fishing and birdwatching while taking in the scenery around the area.

Ke’anae Arboretum

If you don’t have the money to check out the Garden of Eden, you can come to the Ke’anae Arboretum for free. This botanical garden is famous for growing local taro, bananas, yams, and other crops. The locals grow their crops the same way their ancestors have for hundreds of years. There are many walkways to choose from to view the lush plant life there. Each plant is labeled, so you know what it is. Remember to bring your bug spray for this stop!

Halfway to Hana stand

Since 1982, the “Halfway to Hana Stand” has been a staple on Road to Hana tours. The couple who owns the stand sells a variety of delicious local food. Their must-try banana bread is made from fresh, locally grown bananas. If you’re not interested in banana bread, you can have shaved ice and fresh fruits while you stretch your legs and relax. The staff has a reputation for being incredibly friendly, too. Before you leave, be sure to stop at their world map and pin your hometown on the map!

Wailua Valley

Wailua Valley is another part of Maui with a long and storied history. There are so many natural resources in this area that ancient Hawaiians refused to pillage the land in an epic war, realizing the importance of this area. Wailua Valley is also the place where Captain Cook was received by Mauians in 1778. As you drive along the Wailua Valley on your Hana Highway tour, you can see the Catholic church, lookout point, and the stream bridge, which is has been standing since the early 1920s.

Upper Waikani Falls

Road to Hana tours are abundant with majestic waterfalls that can take your breath away. The Upper Waikani Falls, or “Three Bears”, is one of the most popular waterfalls in Hawaii, for good reason. Most travelers are eager to pull off the side of the road to take a picture of these gorgeous falls. For the more adventurous types, there is parking space off the road, and you can hike to the falls to get up close and personal for a jealousy-inducing picture!

Pua’a Kaa State Wayside Park

This park is a much-needed bathroom break on the Road to Hana tour. Across from the bathrooms are a trail to a waterfall and a swimming hole. The park provides picnic tables if you packed a lunch. You might just find a friendly cat hanging out nearby to share your lunch with you.

Hanawi Falls

Beautiful falls are all over this part of the Road to Hana! Adventurous hikers can hike around the area, but they should be aware of how slippery it can be when wet. It’s a wildly popular waterfall on the Hana Highway for people to stop and take incredible selfies or family photos. There is an abundance of rubber trees in this area, and famed Beatles musician George Harrison once owned a 63 acre estate in the area. His reason being that he was blown away by the “beauty and remoteness” of the area. You’ll understand immediately once you travel through this beautiful part of the highway.

Nahiku Market Place

Road to Hana tours tend to be a longer trip than travelers anticipate. Luckily, Nahiku Market Place exists. This welcome pit stop is one of the few places on Maui’s Hana Highway where travelers can get a proper meal and time to relax. If you’re looking for the most traditional Maui gifts for family and friends this is your spot! You can take a stroll to see the different shops for presents for your loved ones back home.

Hana Lava Tube

This stop is perfect for cave-dwelling travelers. The Hana Lava Tube offers a tour of the caves complete with a garden tour, public restrooms, and picnic tables to relax. The lava tubes were formed by molten lava shooting up from underground, flowing towards the ocean. It’s the 18th largest lava tube in the world, and experts believe only half the tube has been discovered.

Wai’anapanapa State Park

This is one of the most awe-inspiring stops before you get to Hana town. There are black-sand beaches with perfect waters for swimming. The area is filled with Hawaiian history from ancient times to modern-day. There are lots of freshwater caves to explore in this area. For those that like to go camping, the Wai’anapanana State Park is a perfect spot to camp for the night.

Hana Town

This is the town the highway was built for. The town is filled with rich culture and history, is said to have not changed much over time. Due to the lack of change, locals consider Hana to be “Real Hawaii.” It would be a good idea to add a couple of days to your stay in Hana, for you don’t want to miss seeing the museum or the grave of Charles Limbaugh.

The Road to Hana has something for all kinds of travelers. Thrill-seekers and history-nerds alike can drive on this highway and find something about the trip they can enjoy together. So get your tickets for one of our favorite Road to Hana tours today, so you can sit back and relax in style along one of the most adventurous roads in the continental United States!