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  • Should I plan my activities before I arrive?

    Auntie always encourages visitors to plan their activities in advance! Oftentimes, popular activities sell out weeks in advance. Planning in advance guarantees that your vacation will be relaxing. Allow Auntie take care of the details. It’s your vacation! Make sure it is filled with all those postcard memories that you will always treasure.

  • What are Auntie’s hours of operation?
  • Does Auntie Snorkel have activities not listed on the website?
  • Can I just make a reservation or do I have to pay in advance?
  • Is Transportation to the activities provided or will I need a car?
  • I have never snorkeled before, Do I need experience?
  • Why should I book with Auntie?
  • Is there a better time of day for the helicopter flights?
  • Which activities best accommodate children under 5?
  • When is Peak Season in Hawaii?
  • What is the local time in Hawaii?
  • What is your refund policy?
  • When is the best time of year for whale watching in Maui?
  • Where do the whales migrate from?
  • How do I receive my tickets?
  • How do I get directions to the activities I book?
  • When is the best weather in Hawaii?
  • Is there a ferry boat to charter to the other islands?