Maui Zipline Course Tickets

As one of the most thrilling and beautiful activities to do on your trip to Maui, ziplining will give you an unmatched rush of adrenaline as you soar along the treeline. Take in the gorgeous scenery as you and your family or partner feel the exhilarating breeze flowing through your hair and warm Maui Sun kisses your skin.

We have the best prices in Maui guaranteed! As the highest rated rental company on the island, you can be sure we’re here to answer all of your questions and give you the Maui vacation of a lifetime. Mahalo!

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Maui Jungle Zipline – 8 Line Course

Auntie Snorkel’s #1 Choice For Ziplines

This adventure with Maui Jungle Zipline includes 8 amazing Ziplines, 4 tree platforms, a stunning 85-foot long tree to tree suspension bridge, two swinging bridges, 1 Quick Jump Free Fall Ride (This ride is optional and you can skip this if you like). We provide water and granola bars half way through the tour, and chips and drinks after the tour. After your tour, you can explore our tropical park! This is our choice for the best Maui zipline course on the island.

Minimum Age: 6 | Minimum Weight: 50lbs

Location: North East Maui

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Kapalua Zipline – 6 Line Course

Situated high above the vast rolling hills of West Maui, the lush coastline, the island of Molokai, and the gorgeous ocean channel between the islands are all visible. Your 6-line Maui zipline adventure will take you flying above countless valleys and beautiful, open grasslands that used to be Maui’s historic sugar cane fields.

Close to popular tourist destinations.

Minimum Age: 10 | Minimum Weight: 60lbs

Location: West Maui

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North Shore Zipline – 7 Line Course

Feel free to show off your stuff and hang upside down during one of Maui’s only “freestyle” zipline courses! This 2-hour, 7 line thrill in paradise is designed for all of your family members to enjoy together; even the smallest keiki (child) in your group – as they accommodate all children age 5 years old and up!

Minimum Age: 5 | Minimum Weight: 40lbs

Location: North Maui

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