Skimboards by Bullet Proof Surf®

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Skimboards by Bullet Proof Surf®

If you’re looking for skim boards you probably already know what these are about. If not, skim boarding is a sport where you run down a wet beach, throw a flat oval wooden disk across the wet beach hop on and glide!! Skim boarding is like “the skateboarding” of beaches. We are limited on skim boards so reserve ahead. We have small and large with built in traction pad.  We also have skims that require wax for traction.

BPS skim boards with GATOR EVA Foam.

‘Gator’ Skim boards by BPS feature durable plywood construction with an epoxy coating to prevent water damage and breakage and generous nose rocker.

All boards feature a ‘GATOR GRIP’ layer of EVA foam which provides great grip when wet – so no need to EVER wax your board!