Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tribord® 25% Online Discount!!

From: $15.00

Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tribord® 25% Online Discount!!

Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tribord® 25% Online Discount!!


Auntie Snorkel is Maui’s 1st Rental Shop to Provide Full Face Masks!

1 day/24 hrs: Regular $25 only $15

1 week/7 days: Regular $55 only $39

2 weeks/14 days: Regular $99 only $55

1 month/28 days: Regular $55 only $85

Tribord full face snorkel masks are a game changer and have revolutionized the snorkeling experience.  Full face snorkel masks offer snorkelers a comfortable way to snorkel without bitting down on the snorkel and breathing only through your mouth.  With full face masks you can breathe through your nose which is how 99% of people usually breathe.  No more mouth breathing only and no fog.  Tribord full face snorkel masks offer a wide, no-fog, 180* panoramic view with a soft silicone seal, dry snorkel, and comfortable fit.   These masks allow you to snorkel in comfort so you can spend more time with the turtles, checking out reef fishes or maybe even spot a local mermaid 😉

Tribord full face snorkel sets include:

  • Tribord full face snorkel mask fitted to your face
  • Soft rubber fins 
  • Mesh gear bag with a strap to carry y0ur gear
  • FREE map of the best snorkel sites on Maui
  • FREE Fish ID Card

Tribord Features:

  • Breathe easily through your nose and mouth
  • Leading brand in full face snorkel masks
  • 180′ panoramic view
  • No fog airflow design
  • Wide & comfortable silicone face seal ensures zero leakage
  • Dry snorkel valve prevents water from leaking through the snorkel into the mask
  • Elastic fabric straps, no hair pulling for the mermaids
  • ***Not Allowed for Children Under age 11 per manufacture recommendation