Hero5 GoPro® with Housing, Handle & Float 25% Off Online Discount!

From: $39.00

Hero5 GoPro® with Housing, Handle & Float 25% Off Online Discount!

Hero5 GoPro® with Housing, Handle & Float 25% Off Online Discount!

RESERVE ONLINE FOR 25% off our GoPro Rental Regular Shop Prices!!  

Reserve online and then come by our shop between 7:30am – 6:00pm to pick up your GoPro seven days a week!

1 day/24 hrs: Regular $59 only $39

1 week/7 days: Regular $1o9 only $79

2 weeks/14 days: Regular $159 only $125

Turtles love Selfies!  GoPros are designed for simplicity.  GoPro Hero 5s only have two buttons.  One to chose between videos or still shots and one to take photos/start stop videos.  That is it.  No flash.  No zoom.  Nothing but simple point and shoot for the best photos and videos of your life.  Maui is world renown for its beauty.  You will never have a better chance for unreal nature photos.  You will be within feet of turtles, reef, tropical fishes and waves.  You will be under waterfalls and swimming in streams, pools and the ocean.  You need photos of that.  You can strap your GoPro to your wrist in its waterproof housing and go for it.  Hiking, snorkeling, surfing, body surfing, biking, walking the beach, you name it you can have flawless video and photos.

We include a 16g sd card and a USB C cable so you can transfer your photos to your computer.  There is a free app called GO PRO for android and IPhones that allows you to download your photos directly to your phone without the cable.  If you want you can just purchase the 16gb sd card for $10 at the end of your rental but that is not necessary.

Take Stunning HD Videos while Surfing, Stand-Up Paddling, or Snorkeling!

Imagine the Photos You could capture in Molokini or Turtle Town, Biking Down the Volcano or even on your Road To Hana Journey Capturing the Majestic Coastline or Raging Waterfalls!

Capture and share your underwater Maui experience with your friends and family through the lens of a GoPro Hero 5!

  • Take 6000 photos or a hundred minutes of HD video or a combination of the two.
  • Impressive 4K video and 12MP photos in Single, Burst and Time Lapse modes.
  •  Preview and playback your shots, change settings and trim your footage, all on your GoPro.
  • Super simple to use, only 2 buttons!
  • Built-In WiFi or Bluetooth

Go Pro Rentals Include: 

  • 16 GB micro SD memory card
  • Charging cable
  • Underwater housing case with handle and a wrist tether

Q: How do I get the pictures off of the GoPro?

A: You can use the included USB C cable to transfer photos and videos directly to your computer, phone or tablet for free or download the GoPro app from the app store for iPhones or Android and transfer your photos and videos wirelessly for free.

Capture and share the essence of your Maui experience!

GoPros are so awesome and easy to use and take beautiful pictures with zero knowledge of photography. Just point and shoot, they only have two buttons!

***Your camera’s SD card is available for purchase for $10 upon return.