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Boogie Boards Are the Maui Surfboard Alternative You Should Try

Boogie board rental

Many people think that surfboarding would be the ultimate Hawaii experience. Unfortunately, surfboarding can’t be learned in a few days or even a week. Boogie boarding is different. With a Maui boogie board rental, you can conquer the waves and get that surfboard feeling without the same risks. Here are some tips if you are considering a boogie board rental Maui.

Is Boogie Boarding Right for You?

If you are a strong swimmer, you probably can handle a boogie board. And there’s nothing more fun than riding the waves. It’s exhilarating, and you feel a part of the ocean. This is a sport where you can learn a lot in just a few days. It’s wise to start where the surf is calmer such as Kama-ole 1, a beach that’s right across from our store. You’ll rarely have more fun practicing than you will with a boogie board.

Boogie board Rent or Buy Should You Rent or Buy?

You don’t need to own a board to get a good one. You certainly don’t need to buy it and transport it all the way from Iowa or wherever you are from. You can rent a good board and some kick fins for a reasonable fee, especially if you preorder online. Auntie Snorkel offers discounts that reduce your costs for multi-day and weekly boogie board rentals on Maui in the Kihei and Wailea area.

What are the Safety Concerns?

Choosing to boogie board rather than to attempt surfboarding is already a good move if you are new to the waters of Maui. However, there are still dangers. Make sure your leash stays attached. You can grab the board as a flotation device as long as it isn’t allowed to float away. Make sure to heed warnings such as high surf or strong current. Don’t go surfing when lifeguards aren’t on duty.

At Auntie Snorkel, we see a lot of island visitors. Our goal is to encourage you to take advantage of unique experiences to be found only on Kihei and Wailea Maui. Taking a boogie board to one of our many beaches is definitely a lifetime experience. Check out our deals and let us get you started on your boogie board adventure.

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