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A Beginner’s Guide to Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Maui

stand up paddle board maui

A stand up paddle board is an awesome way to experience the Pacific Ocean. My family and I are often out on the water. Unlike surfing, SUP boarding isn’t too hard or too dangerous for most people. With a SUP rental Maui and some simple instructions, visitors can make paddle boarding part of their Kihei or Wailea experience. Here’s what beginners need to know before they go stand up paddle boarding in Maui.

Where is the best place to paddle board on Maui?

There are 20 beaches in Kihei, Wailea and the area surrounding them. You can try a different beach every day if you want to. Our Kihei Wailea board delivery services can bring the equipment to you if you can’t come to us. Kama’ole Beach Park is across from our store in Kihei. Whether it’s your first time or you are a seasoned SUP boarder, you can come to us for Maui paddle board rentals.

If this is your first time, we recommend finding a beach where the waves are calm. It so happens that Kama’ole 1, which is across the street, is especially good for first-timers.

maui board What equipment do you need for fun?

The SUP board is specially designed for floating while you are standing. It is different from a boogie board or a surfboard. The paddle is long enough for you to stroke the water without bending over. At Auntie Snorkel, we work with visitors every day, helping them match the right board for their skill level, height and weight.

What equipment do you need for safety?

To stay safe, you’ll want a board leash and perhaps a personal flotation device. The leash ensures that your Maui stand up paddle board board rental can’t get away. A life jacket ensures that a weaker swimmer won’t have trouble if they fall in the water.

How do I get to calmer waters?

You will put your leash on while on the beach. Then you swim or paddle past the shore break as quickly as possible. Only when you are in deeper water (5 feet or more) will you be ready to stand on your board.

Is there a front and back?

The paddle blade goes first and the bend is behind the user. So, make sure you are standing on the board facing the blade with the bend behind you.

How do I achieve balance?

At first, the best idea is to focus on the horizon. It doesn’t move. The ocean beneath you, however exciting, does move. By keeping your back straight and raising your head, you will naturally distribute your weight over your feet.

What happens if I fall?

Well, everyone falls. It’s just part of the experience. When you are falling, lean toward a side away from the front or back of the board.

Can I lose the board?

The board will keep floating even if you fall off. It is attached by a leash to your ankle. It will stay with you, making it easy to find.

How can I make the most of every stroke?

Our paddles are made of light aluminum. So light that they float. That reduces how much muscle you need for paddling. However, it is important to use your core muscles to make your strokes count. If you only use your arm muscles, you will get tired faster. Generally you aren’t trying to go fast. You aren’t running a race. So pace yourself and enjoy a stroll on the water.

How far can I go?

There’s a trick to how far you should go. You want to get far enough away from the shore that you don’t have to worry about a crashing wave that will knock you off. On the other hand, you want to stay near enough to shore that you can get to safety if winds get too strong or you see a storm coming.

How close can I be to other paddle boarders?

For safety, you want to keep your distance from another paddle board, especially when entering the water. Once you are standing on the board in calmer waters, you can stay in proximity to one another, keeping a zone around you where you can fall safely without hitting the other person’s board.

Can families go paddle boarding?

Absolutely. Some children are old enough for their own board. Others are just right to go along with Dad or Mom. We don’t rent boards for children under ten. Obviously adults should practice SUP boarding first before taking children. We rent life jackets and yellow waist flotation devices at our store to help you and your children stay safe.

How much instruction do you need?

At Auntie Snorkel, we give basic instructions to beginners all of the time. We pick wide, stable boards that most people can handle. Across the street, Kama’ole 1 beach has calmer waves, making it a good place to practice your skills. Be sure to pick beaches where lifeguards are present.

For more tips, please call Auntie Snorkel. We can give you the latest news about paddle boarding on area beaches. We’ve got all of the gear you need to have fun, to stay safe, and to make memories to last a lifetime. It’s easy to reserve your gear online and save money with 2-for-1 offers and discounts. Please call if you have questions. Aloha!

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