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Review of Traditional Snorkel Mask vs Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Full face snorkel mask

I’ve been snorkeling so many times I lost count a long time ago. When the Tribord Full Face Snorkel Mask came out, I couldn’t believe my luck. That’s why these are now in my store as full face snorkel mask rentals for Kihei and Wailea, Maui. Not only are they a better way to snorkel, but the Triboard Subeca brand offers a good range of sizes. In this full face snorkel mask review, I’ll look at the pros and cons of this product.

Keep Water Out

Since the top thing that a mask must do is keep the water out, I’ll tackle that first. The Tribord masks have a float ball that will rise and stop water from getting in as you submerge for a dive. Choppy water may also trigger the float ball to rise.

Whether you are using a regular or full face snorkel mask, you hold your breath underwater. When you come up, however, there is a difference. You may need to let water out of a traditional mask, but you simply breathe normally with the Tribord. Its Dry Top Snorkel system prevents water from getting into the tube and there’s no need to blow water out. When water does get in, a lower valve will drain water out as you lift your head above water.

Snorkel gear rentalLearning Curve

People who have never snorkeled before will find that learning is easier with the full face snorkel mask. It simply reduces how many things you need to think about and let’s you take the plunge with more confidence. With our 25 percent online offer, renting a full face mask is affordable as well as fun.


The traditional masks in my shop are high quality products. They have to be to stand up to regular use. Still, the Triboard mask has a remarkably shatterproof poly carbonate that makes the mask especially protective and tough.


The full face snorkel mask might seem like it would limit your vision when compared to a traditional mask, but it actually expands it. The Tribord design lets you enjoy a 180 degree field of vision.


Tribord came up with a way to deal with fogging. The design includes a double chamber airflow system. The fog goes into the lower part of the mask, ensuring your vision stays clear. If you prefer a traditional mask at my shop, I give you a no-fog solution to reduce the chances that fogging will be a problem.

Jaw Fatigue

As fun as snorkeling is, a regular mask leads to jaw fatigue for many people. The full face snorkel mask doesn’t use the jaw so it doesn’t cause fatigue.

Visible to Others

Tribord gave the air tube a bright fluorescent tip. That way others can see you are there as you bob in the water.

Dealing with Hair And Other Possible Problems

The masks I offer for rent are made to be kind to hair. The bands are meant to hold the mask without pulling out your hair. This is certainly true of the Tribord. The one tricky thing that I have noticed is that a beard can be an impediment to using a full face mask. The hair can create tiny spaces and allow water seepage. Long hair must be securely out of the way or it too can allow seepage.

The Tribord’s float valve system was designed to work when the user is vertical. You can’t lean your head too far forward or water can get into the snorkel. Likewise, you can’t lean your head to far back or you may cut off your supply of air. This is a problem for traditional snorkel masks as well.

A full face mask isn’t recommended below a 10-foot depth. It isn’t good for duck diving, free diving, or swimming laps.

So that’s my full face snorkel mask review. You can rent traditional or Triboard masks from my Maui shop if you are visiting Kihei or Wailea. I’ll be glad to show you how it works and to recommend fun places to go snorkeling on Maui. Our customers love pairing their snorkel gear with their bike rentals so they can throw the gear in their beach cruiser and explore up and down the coast. Aloha!

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