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Resolve to Have More Fun!

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Humpback mother and calfTop 5 Maui Activities for Your New Year Plans. 

As we welcome a new year, we might be making resolutions or at least having some dreamy thoughts about what we’d like to do to make this year the best yet. Hopefully, Maui is included in those good thoughts! If you are planning to visit Maui this year, we have 5 favorite activities that we highly recommend you put on your bucket list for 2024. 

We always recommend booking your Maui activities as far in advance as possible. So, book online via the links below or give us a call to secure your tickets!

Calypso Molokini + Turtle Town Snorkel Tour | Book Now

Calypso at Molokini

Calypso at Molokini.

This is simply our favorite all-around Maui boat experience, and fun for the whole family! Calypso offers an extraordinary and immersive snorkeling experience in the beautiful waters off the coast of Maui. Specializing in excursions to the renowned Molokini Crater, Calypso provides a seamless blend of adventure, safety, and fun. Guests embark on a triple-decker catamaran equipped with all the modern amenities, ensuring comfort throughout the journey. The highlight of the tour is exploring Molokini Crater, a partially submerged volcanic caldera renowned for its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life. Calypso’s knowledgeable and friendly crew enhances the experience by offering insights into the surrounding marine ecosystem. Snorkelers are treated to the sight of vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, eels, and octopuses. With a commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and guest satisfaction, Calypso stands out as a premier Maui activity for your new year plans.

Ali’i Nui Luxury Whale Watch | Book Now


Front row seats aboard Ali’i Nui.

Ali’i Nui Luxury Whale Watch offers a premier and exclusive way to witness the majestic beauty of humpback whales in the waters surrounding Maui. Aboard a spacious and meticulously designed 65’ catamaran, guests are treated to an unparalleled whale-watching experience in the lap of luxury. The Ali’i Nui crew, known for their expertise and hospitality, ensures a personalized journey, sharing insights into the behavior and biology of these incredible marine mammals. The catamaran’s design allows for unobstructed views of the whales in their natural habitat, creating a front-row seat to their acrobatic displays and majestic breaches. The tour, conducted during the whale migration season, provides a rare opportunity to witness these gentle giants in their winter breeding grounds. Guests are further treated to excellent appetizers and a full bar. With a commitment to both comfort and environmental stewardship, Ali’i Nui Luxury Whale Watch promises an unforgettable and ethically responsible encounter with Maui’s captivating humpback whales. This is a must-do Maui activity for your new year plans.

Jungle Zipline | Book Now


Ready to zip!

Jungle Zipline on Maui’s north shore invites adventure enthusiasts to embark on a thrilling escapade amidst the island’s lush tropical landscapes. Nestled within the jungle surroundings of Maui’s north shore, this ziplining experience combines heart-pounding excitement with the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii’s natural wonders. Participants glide over the dense foliage, suspended high above the ground, as a series of ziplines offer panoramic views of the verdant jungle canopy. The Jungle Zipline experience goes beyond the adrenaline rush, providing an educational component as knowledgeable guides share insights into the island’s unique flora and fauna. Committed to safety and environmental conservation, Jungle Zipline in Maui creates an unforgettable and eco-conscious adventure, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an immersive and sustainable way to experience the island’s diverse ecosystems.

Te Au Moana Luau – Marriott Wailea | Book Now


Spectacular show and views at Te Au Moana.

The Marriott Wailea offers a captivating and culturally immersive luau on the stunning south shore of Maui. Nestled within the prestigious Marriott Wailea Resort, this luau combines Hawaiian traditions, music, and dance to create an enchanting evening for guests. Against the backdrop of a Pacific sunset, attendees are treated to a lavish buffet featuring a delectable array of local and international dishes. The luau showcases the rich heritage of the islands through captivating performances of hula dancers, live music, and the ceremonial unearthing of the pig from the imu (underground oven). Therefore, the Marriott Wailea Luau is not just a feast for the palate but a celebration of Polynesian culture, ensuring a memorable and authentic Hawaiian experience for visitors seeking both entertainment and a taste of the islands’ vibrant traditions.

Aloha Sunshine Road to Hana Small Group Tour | Book Now


The Road to Hana is best when someone else drives!

Of course the Road to Hana is a must-have Maui activity for your new year plans! Aloha Sunshine Road to Hana Tours offers an enchanting and immersive exploration of one of Maui’s most iconic and scenic routes. Embarking on a journey along the famous Road to Hana, guests with Aloha Sunshine experience the breathtaking beauty of lush landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and pristine beaches. This tour stands out for its commitment to personalized and small-group experiences, ensuring an intimate connection with the natural wonders along the way. Moreover, knowledgeable guides share insights into the history, culture, and ecology of the region, making each stop along the Road to Hana a fascinating learning experience. From the winding roads through the lush rainforest to the panoramic coastal views, Aloha Sunshine Road to Hana Tours provides an unforgettable adventure, inviting participants to discover the true essence and natural splendor of Maui.

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