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How Long is the Boat Ride to Molokini

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If you want to see Maui, you’ll want to take a Molokini snorkel tour. The total round-trip ride time is five hours, making this one of the best values for your money. To keep your vacation costs down, Auntie Snorkel has online discounts for the best Molokini snorkeling tours. We also have the snorkel gear you’ll need to make the most of your trip.

best molokini snorkel tourMolokini Snorkeling

The Molokini Crater has been waiting for you for 150,000 years. Like an iceberg, you can’t see the whole thing. The arc-shaped rock towers at 160 feet above sea level. The other half is hidden in plain sight by the crystal blue waters.

Snorklers can get a closer look at the underwater world of the Pacific Ocean. Coral gardens are home to so many different species of fish and remarkable creatures. It’s no wonder this is a world-class snorkeling destination.

The Molokini boat has water slides, stairs and jump-off points that let you choose how to approach your snorkel adventure. Snorkeling gear is easy to rent from Auntie Snorkel.

Sail Maui in Style

Your all-inclusive price includes a hearty breakfast. Since you board so early, you’ll be glad that good food is waiting for you. During the five hour trip, you’ll have access to free sodas and other beverages. A picnic lunch provides sustenance with island scenery as the backdrop.

Even if you don’t want to go snorkeling, the boat ride alone is worth it. The Molokini Crater is a magnificent sight. You can use the glass-bottom reef viewing area to look down into the depths of the ocean. The coral reefs are easy to see thanks to the clear water. There are 250 different species of fish as well as turtles, manta rays and other sea life.

Whale Watching is seasonal. You are most likely to see these majestic creatures from December through February, but they may show up in November or still be around in May. There have even been sightings in October and April. Wildlife is on its own schedule, and we are just grateful to see the whales when we can.

Turtle Town Snorkeling

The trip could be shorter to Molokini, but the boat also stops at Turtle Town, a popular snorkeling area. You’ll swim with the sea turtles and see more of the exciting underworld around Maui.

Best Snorkeling Gear

You’ll need to bring your gear with you for the Molokini boat ride. Auntie Snorkel rents full-face masks and traditional masks at a discount when you preorder online. We can teach you the basics about snorkeling, and you’ll be ready to go to Molokini.

Remember you can save on your Molokini tour with online discounts from Auntie Snorkel.

Not a big fan of being underwater?

No worries, we have the best prices guaranteed n land activities like Maui zipline courses, Road to Hana tours, Maui dinner cruises, and the best Maui luaus on the island! See all of our Maui activities here.

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