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Boogie Boarding Maui on Wavy Days

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Many people think that surfing might be the ultimate Maui ocean experience. Unfortunately, surfing is not something easily learned in a single vacation. Boogie boarding is different. With a boogie board, you can conquer the near shore Maui waves and get the thrill of surfing without the same risks. What’s more, boogie boarding the shore break on a sandy beach is a great option for family fun on days when the motion of the ocean rules out snorkeling or paddle boarding. Here are some tips if you are considering boogie boarding Maui’s wavy days.

Is Boogie Boarding Right for You?

Boogie boarding is an activity in which you can learn a lot in just a few days. You can get started boogie boarding as easily as riding with the white water of waves right on shore. You can also gradually progress in your surfing abilities on a boogie board. In fact, some of the best surfers in the world ride boogie boards!

If you are a strong swimmer, you probably can handle a boogie board. For beginners, it’s wise to start where the surf is calmer such as Kamaole Beach Park I, a beach that’s right across from our Kihei store. The gently sloped, sandy bottom at this beach generally keeps the waves friendlier to beginners and the whole family.

More adventurous boogie boarders might want to visit West Maui’s D.T. Fleming Beach Park. It’s well-known as a super fun boogie board beach. However, conditions there can get large and dangerous in the winter months. So, always be aware of the local forecast and check in with the lifeguard on duty about anything you should know before you venture out.

Boogie board Rent or BuyRent or Buy?

No one needs to own a boogie board to get a good one. You certainly don’t need to buy it and transport it all the way to or from [insert your hometown here]! Instead, rent a quality boogie board and some kick fins for a great deal from Auntie Snorkel. In addition to our already great daily rates, we offer discounts that reduce your costs for multi-day and longer boogie board rentals on Maui in our Kihei and Lahaina shops.

What are the Safety Concerns?

Choosing to boogie board Maui’s waves rather than to attempt surfing is already a good move if you are new to the waters of Maui. It’s a much more user friendly way to familiarize yourself with the inherent power of Hawaiian waters, even on a calm day. However, there are still dangers. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, you can still try boogie boarding, but we recommend you wear a life jacket whenever you’re in the water. Yes, the boogie board floats, but it’s not a substitute for a wearable personal floatation device!

Also, wear the accompanying leash securely around your wrist at all times. That way, you can keep the board from flying into someone else if you lose your grip on it. You can also keep your board from drifting out to sea as long as it’s attached to you. Make sure to heed condition warnings such as high surf, strong currents, or strong offshore winds. Don’t go boogie boarding when lifeguards aren’t on duty.

At Auntie Snorkel, our goal is to encourage you to have the most fun while you’re in Maui. That’s why when snorkeling might not be an option, boogie boarding Maui’s wavy days can be an unforgettable experience. So, reserve your boogie boards online and have your own boogie days on Maui. Aloha!

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