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Launiupoko Beach Park Guide

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Launiupoko Beach Park

Launiupoko Beach Park is a popular beach park located on the west coast of Maui. It’s a family-friendly destination known for its natural beauty, great waves for surfers of all levels, and a range of amenities and recreational opportunities.

Launiupoko Beach Park MapDirections and Distance from Auntie Snorkel 

  • https://maps.app.goo.gl/bkNvqwW7NpifH94g9
  • Just a 10 minute drive south from Auntie Snorkel Lahaina, Launiupoko Beach Park is located at the intersection of Honoapiilani Highway and Kai Hele Ku Street. You’ll need to take the Lahaina Bypass to get to Kai Hele Ku Street. 

Parking and Access

  • There is a small parking lot at the entrance to the beach park that fills up quickly. If that lot is full, there is overflow parking available. Simply turn around to go back up Kai Hele Ku Street and just past the intersection, make an immediate right into an overflow lot. 
  • Once you’ve found parking, access to the beach is relatively easy. You’ll find the largest beach area is to the left, a tide pool in the middle, and a grassy area with picnic tables is to the right. 

Facilities and Amenities

  • Launiupoko Beach Park provides amenities such as restrooms and showers making it family-friendly and suitable for an extended day at the beach.
  • The park offers picnic tables and barbecue grills, making it an ideal place for a family picnic or gathering. It’s a good spot to enjoy a meal with an ocean view.

What to Bring

The beach at Launiupoko

Snorkeling and Surf

  • One of the primary attractions of Launiupoko Beach is its surf. The beach is known for having consistent waves that are suitable for surfers of all levels. There are several surf peaks along the park, making it a popular spot for both longboard and stand-up paddle board surfers.
  • However, snorkelers will want to head to nearby Olowalu Mile Marker 14, or spots from Ka’anapali northward for better snorkeling. 

Launiupoko pool and surfEnvironment and Seasonal Variation

  • The beach at Launiupoko Beach Park is characterized by a mixture of soft sand and lava rock formations.
  • Launiupoko Beach Park can have at least some surf much of the year. However, summer south swells offer the largest size potential.
  • Winds can pick up in the afternoon here, so come early.
  • As with all beaches in Maui, it’s important for visitors to respect the environment and adhere to local regulations, including not touching or damaging the coral, not collecting or harassing marine life, and not disturbing the natural habitat.

Remember to respect the natural beauty and environment of Launiupoko Beach Park by leaving no trace and following any posted rules and regulations. Launiupoko Beach Park offers a relaxed and scenic setting for a variety of beach activities. Whether you’re looking to surf, swim, or simply enjoy a day by the ocean, this beach park is a popular choice for both residents and visitors, thanks to its mix of natural beauty and accessible amenities.

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