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Keawakapu Beach Park Guide

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Keawakapu Beach Guide Overview

Long stretch of sandy, family friendly beach for snorkeling, boogie boarding, or paddle boarding.

Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu Beach is a stunning and popular beach located on the southern coast of Maui, Hawaii. It is known for its long, golden shoreline, pristine waters, and beautiful views, making it a favorite destination for those seeking a classic Maui beach experience.

Keawakapu MapDirections and Distance from Auntie Snorkel 

  • https://maps.app.goo.gl/nrUmzNGcvNbcyMVT6
  • Keawakapu Beach is just a 5-10 minute drive south from Auntie Snorkel Kihei, in South Maui. It’s conveniently accessible and is relatively close to various accommodations, restaurants, and shops in the area.

Parking and Access

  • There are 3 parking lots for this long stretch of beach. For north end parking, head south on South Kihei Road, turn right at the sign for the Mana Kai Maui. Take the first left into the gravel public parking lot. To reach the beach, walk south towards the Mana Kai and follow the easy beach access path. 
  • To park at the middle section of Keawakapu, head south on South Kihei Road, turn left at Kilohana Drive and take the first right into the paved, shaded lot. To reach the beach, use the crosswalk to walk back across South Kihei Road, turn right and follow the beach access path at the little blue Beach Access signs. 
  • To park at the south end of Keawakapu, head south on South Kihei Road, and bear right to stay on South Kihei Road where the road otherwise bends up to the left and becomes Okolani Drive. Drive to the end of the road where there is a parking lot on the right for Keawakapu Beach. This lot can get full early. Beach access here is via a couple of flights of stairs. 

Facilities and Amenities

  • While Keawakapu Beach is relatively undeveloped, it provides basic amenities such as portable toilets and outdoor showers. There are shaded, grassy areas for picnicking and relaxation at the north end.
  • There is no lifeguard at this beach. 

Keawakapu Beach from the north end

Keawakapu Beach from the north end.

What to Bring

Snorkeling and Surf

  • Check a live webcam at the north end of Keawakapu here.
  • While Keawakapu Beach itself does not have extensive coral formations, there are some rocky areas near the northern end where you can observe beautiful marine life, including colorful fish and some sea turtles. Dive under water during peak whale season to listen for whale songs!
  • The beach’s gently sloping shoreline and calm waters make it a great location for swimming. The waves are generally mild, especially during the summer months, and the beach is suitable for families with children.
  • Summer south swells can bring some shore break to this beach, making for fun boogie boarding or body surfing. Please always exercise extra caution with waves, and if in doubt, don’t go out!
  • On calm mornings, stand-up paddle boarding is a great option at Keawakapu. Easiest access for your board is at the north end. The long stretch of beach makes for a beautiful paddle. Just be aware that the wind can pick up strongly and quickly from late morning through the day, so the earlier you go out the better.

Keawakapu Beach from the south end

Keawakapu Beach from the south end.

Environment and Seasonal Variation

  • Keawakapu is calm and beautiful most mornings year round. It is common for the wind to become strong and gusty from the middle of the day, so this beach is best early. 
  • Summer south swells are most likely to bring waves. Winter will have more flat, calm water days. 
  • It’s important for visitors to respect the local rules and regulations, including not touching or damaging the coral, not collecting or harassing marine life, and not disturbing the natural habitat.

Remember to respect the natural beauty and environment of Keawakapu Beach by leaving no trace and following any posted rules and regulations. Whether you’re looking to snorkel, swim, paddleboard, enjoy a beachfront picnic, or simply relax and watch the sunset, Keawakapu Beach offers a fun and relaxing beach experience on Maui’s southern coast.

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