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Cove Park Beach Guide

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Cove Park Surf Spot Beach Guide

Cove Park, often referred to as “The Cove,” is a popular surf spot located in Kihei, in South Maui. It is known for its consistent and often gentle waves, making it a suitable spot for both beginner and intermediate surfers.

Map to Cove ParkDirections and Distance from Auntie Snorkel 

  • https://maps.app.goo.gl/1kCsR5gAsJYGVVwK6
  • The Cove is situated just 5 minutes north from Auntie Snorkel Kihei. It’s easily accessible by car, and there are nearby amenities and accommodations for surfers and visitors.

Parking and Access

  • Cove Park offers three parking options. The nearest and most convenient spots are the ones right along South Kihei Road, though finding an empty one can be quite a challenge. The next convenient parking area is the lot at Kalama Park, just north of the volleyball court. It’s a short two-minute stroll from the beach, and there are plenty of spots. Lastly, the designated Cove Park lot is at the south end of the surf lineup. However, be aware that it doesn’t offer a beach or any sandy areas.

Facilities and Amenities

  • The Cove Park parking lot has portable toilets, outdoor showers, picnic tables, and garbage bins. Kalama Park on the north end of The Cove surf spot has even more facilities. 
  • There is no lifeguard at this park.

8' soft top surf board rental in MauiWhat to Bring

  • Auntie recommends an 8’ or 10’ soft top surfboard and reef-safe sunscreen.
  • This is also a great spot to stand up paddle board on smaller wave and calm days.
  • If you’re just learning how to surf, ask us to help you book a lesson so you’ll be catching waves in no time!

Snorkeling and Surf

  • For live conditions, check this webcam.
  • The Cove surf spot is renowned for its consistent and often gentle waves, which are perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their surfing skills. The waves are typically small to moderate in size, providing a safe and comfortable environment for learning and practice.
  • The Cove features a beach break, which means that waves break over a sandy bottom. This type of break is ideal for novice surfers, as wipeouts tend to be less intimidating than on rocky reef breaks.
  • While The Cove surf spot is suitable for beginners, it also attracts intermediate surfers looking for a relaxed and fun surfing experience. Advanced surfers may prefer other spots on Maui with larger and more challenging waves.
  • Due to its reputation as a beginner-friendly surf spot, The Cove can get crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. Arriving early or choosing less busy times of the day can help avoid larger crowds.
  • Snorkelers and anyone looking to do a longer stand-up paddle session, should look to the nearby Kamaole Beach Parks for better conditions for those activities.

Cove Park surf spot in Kihei, MauiEnvironment and Seasonal Variation

  • The surf conditions can vary depending on the season and weather patterns. Summer south swells will bring more waves, while winter will see less waves. It’s advisable to check with local surf reports and talk to experienced surfers or instructors for the most up-to-date information on conditions.

Remember to respect the natural beauty and environment of Cove Park by leaving no trace and following any posted rules and regulations. The Cove surf spot is excellent for individuals interested in learning to surf or those looking for a relaxed and enjoyable surfing experience. Its gentle waves and accessibility to surf schools and rentals make it a great place to get started in the world of surfing while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Maui.

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