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An Overview of Auntie Snorkel’s Maui Beach Guides

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Auntie Snorkel's Maui Beach Guides Overview

Maui’s beaches are a diverse collection of natural wonders, each offering its own unique character, from fine golden sands to dramatic lava rock formations. The island’s coastline stretches for more than 120 miles, offering not just places for recreation but also windows into the island’s rich natural beauty and cultural history. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, ocean adventure, or a tranquil escape, Maui’s coastline offers a wide range of beach experiences to suit your preferences.

Auntie Snorkel’s Maui Beach Guides offer you local knowledge on location, parking, facilities, what to bring, and what to do at every spectacular spot.

South Maui Beach Guides

Ahihi Bay Beach and Snorkel Guide

A rugged, pristine snorkeling gem in one of Maui’s marine preserves.

Kamaole II Beach Guide Overview

Neighboring Kamaole I, this is also a wonderfully family and activity friendly beach.

Keawakapu Beach Guide Overview

Long stretch of sandy, family friendly beach for snorkeling, boogie boarding, or paddle boarding.

Big Beach Beach Guide Overview

A stunning beach that warrants caution for ocean goers.

Mokapu Beach Guide Overview

Easily accessed sandy beach, with decent snorkeling and more space than popular neighbor Ulua.

Polo Beach Guide Overview

Smaller sandy beach, fronting the Fairmont Kea Lani resort.

Ulua Beach Guide Overview

Smaller, sandy beach with snorkeling at each end, and good facilities.

Charley Young Beach Guide Overview

A sheltered cove at the north end of a family friendly, easy access beach.

Kamaole I Beach Guide Overview

One of the most family friendly beaches, that welcomes an array of ocean activities.

Kamaole III Beach Guide Overview

Neighboring Kamaole II, this is yet another excellent beach for families and ocean activities.

Makena Landing Beach Guide Overview

A small park with good facilities and easy access to snorkeling and paddle boarding.

Maluaka Beach Guide Overview

A family friendly, long and sandy beach with good snorkeling and facilities.

Palauea Beach Guide Overview

Small, remote, sandy beach that can be good for snorkeling or boogie boarding.

Po'olenalena Beach Guide Overview

Family-friendly, sandy beach with lots of space and opportunity for ocean activities.

Wailea Beach Guide Overview

Sandy beach fronting the Grand Wailea Resort, with good facilities.


West Maui Beach Guides

(In progress!)

DT Fleming Beach Guide

Large, scenic beach park with good facilities, lifeguards, and fun waves.

Launiupoko Beach Park Guide

Family-friendly park known for all-levels surfing and spacious picnic areas.

Honolua Bay Beach Guide

A must-see for intermediate to advanced snorkelers. Trail access and no beach.

Ukumehame Beach Guide

Family-friendly beach known for all levels surfing, paddle boarding, and family beach days.

North Maui Beach Guides

(Coming soon!)

East Maui Beach Guides

(Coming soon!)

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