Auntie Snorkel Reviews

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Daniel Arndt
Daniel A.
01:15 16 Oct 19
These guys are awesome , very friendly and professional. Thanks again
Nancy Jensen
Nancy J.
01:26 14 Oct 19
Scott was very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient! Highly recommend.
Chloé Mansell
Chloé M.
03:31 13 Oct 19
My mom and I had a really great experience! Scott was very helpful and kind. Our snorkel gear was spotless and clean when we picked it up. No holes in bags or any gross smell. The anti fog is the best I've ever used. Mom and I didn't have any issues. Scott made sure our masks and fins fit properly before we left! I booked online and it was a very easy process! I definitely recommend 🙂read more
Jill Kessler
Jill K.
21:53 12 Oct 19
Year after year we rent chairs, umbrellas another equipment from you. You are a joy to do business with and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Your equipment is always in great shape and very reasonably priced. Thank you for staying more
Rover One
Rover O.
19:18 12 Oct 19
I rented from Scott who was awesome! Friendly, nice and knowledgeable. I wouldn't rent from anyone other than Auntie Snorkel on Maui!
Hali Hartsock
Hali H.
17:17 12 Oct 19
They were so kind and helpful, we first rented paddleboards and came back the next day for snorkel gear. Highly recommend!!
judy rosenfield
judy R.
19:22 11 Oct 19
Great service and advice from Emma and Mark, including a map with numerous beach recommendations. Perfect location across from good accessible snorkeling spots with more
casey bock
casey B.
17:10 10 Oct 19
An awesome experience all around. Scott was super welcoming, informative and helpful. Great paddleboarding spots right across the street. Good rates on gear more
Nathan Adams
Nathan A.
22:30 08 Oct 19
Scott was very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend any beach rental needs. The service was also very efficient. In and out in 10 min.
Susie Michaelis McClain
Susie Michaelis M.
04:57 07 Oct 19
Very friendly and helpful employees, really top notch snorkel and paddle board equipment, reasonably priced. We use them every time we go to Maui.
Elie Nader
Elie N.
03:37 06 Oct 19
Scott is the best, he went above and beyond trying to find the best prices for excursions and equipment rental. Scott saved us a good 50% on the prices. Always with a smile. Aloha to all!!read more
Nicole Rosa
Nicole R.
18:47 05 Oct 19
Scott was super friendly and gave us a great lesson on how to use our snorkel gear. We accidentally forgot to return our rented chair on the return date so we dropped it off early the next morning and they were very understanding and didn’t charge a late fee! We will definitely be back to Auntie Snorkel on our next trip to Maui!read more
Karen Poole
Karen P.
15:09 03 Oct 19
We will be travelling to Maui in a few weeks but wanted to book some things in advance before arriving. On a recommendation from friends who frequently use Auntie Snorkel, we booked our Grand Wailea Luau tickets through their website. Had a couple of questions about the luau and they were immediately answered. We will definitely be visiting Auntie Snorkel once we arrive in Maui for other things such as snorkel rentals as well as excursions. Looking forward to it... Mahalo!!read more
Lauren R.
Lauren R.
13:32 03 Oct 19
This place has the warmth and service of a small business with the pricing and equipment of a big one. It is a mom and pop shop and they truly care. more
Annika Andersen
Annika A.
19:44 30 Sep 19
Great service, very helpful and patient when outfitting us with snorkel gear. Scott was great, and we would recommend this rental shop highly for price and customer more
Jay Malaviya
Jay M.
01:28 30 Sep 19
Scott and Emma both were helpful with our snorkel gears, location & tips. Price is also low and gears are good.
Mk A
Mk A
06:00 29 Sep 19
This company has quality products at a great price.The owner is very friendly.5 stars.A++++++
Tara Weber
Tara W.
22:55 26 Sep 19
Super friendly and helpful people. Great prices and quality gear too!
Joe LiBrandi
Joe L.
22:16 26 Sep 19
Awesome staff - very friendly - great prices (cheaper then most). Thank you for always delivering quality customer service!
Pj LiBrandi
Pj L.
20:10 26 Sep 19
Excellent service, pricing and fantastic equipment. Will never go anywhere else for our equipment again! The best place by far! Highly recommend!
Hannah Tonneman
Hannah T.
05:15 25 Sep 19
Auntie Snorkel is the best shop on Maui! They are very helpful, we rented snorkels from them at a great price and they also booked us a snorkel tour for a wonderful price too. Having used several different snorkels, the ones they rent out at Auntie Snorkel are definitely THE BEST quality you can find! Also very clean and brand new looking. Mark and Scott are also super helpful at directing for tips on where to snorkel to see the sights, and you get a little card to help identify the fishes and other sea life you’ve seen when out and about. Also sells lots of snorkelling and other related items. Will definitely return when next in Maui!read more
Michael Bell
Michael B.
22:18 24 Sep 19
Fantastic service, we did not need face masks so instead of getting two sets we were offered one consisting of two sets of flippers which was great for both of us for a week. This was to go along with a day of more
Tessa Hill
Tessa H.
17:26 24 Sep 19
Great service and help by nice Scott, terrific gear, great rate! Mahalo! We will definitely return next time!
Sarah T.
Sarah T.
16:02 24 Sep 19
We love Auntie Snorkel. We've been renting snorkel gear and booking events through them over the past several years. They have amazing gear - and more
Dale Green
Dale G.
22:53 23 Sep 19
Great service from Scott. I will be recommending Auntie Snorkel to everyone!!
Hatem Abou-Sayed
Hatem A.
23:35 19 Sep 19
Great service and price. We rented a beach package with cooler, umbrella and two chairs for $15, Easy in, easy out. Mark and Scott, I believe, were the two individuals we communicated with and they made the process very easy. I'll return to Auntie Snorkel for any of my watersports rental needs next time we are fortunate to be back in Maui!read more
Chris Nguyen
Chris N.
21:14 18 Sep 19
Was recently in Maui for the week and bought a package deal for snorkel gear and a paddle board. Mark took the time to show us how to use the equipment, where to go, and overall made it a pleasant experience. We did opt to upgrade to the full snorkel mask but did not feel any pressure from Mark to do so, he just explained the pros and cons and let us make the decision.Would recommend to all my friends and will use this shop for all my future needs on more
Kyle Bonura
Kyle B.
16:30 18 Sep 19
Excellent service! Staff was super helpful with sunscreen recommendations and post burn care. In addition to GoPro rental the team was very accommodating when we returned with some minor damage due to wear n tear.Highly recommended and will definitely return in the future!read more
Steven Lambson
Steven L.
04:27 17 Sep 19
Amazing customer service!! Renting equipment here was fast and easy. They hooked me up with everything I needed for a great vacation! Will be renting from here again next time we visit. Thanks guys!read more
Josh Kallstrom
Josh K.
23:09 16 Sep 19
Great place to rent snorkel gear! Very good prices and fantastic customer service. Thanks, Scott!
Aaron Baker
Aaron B.
19:42 16 Sep 19
Theses guys were awesome! Super reasonably priced high quality rentals! Definitely will be back
Charan Shah
Charan S.
00:55 13 Sep 19
To start with, we received excellent customer service at store. Good value for money, the prices were discounted by half. Enough time was provided to wear the gear and check if well fitted. One of our snorkeling mask had an issue which was refunded on reporting. Overall a friendly experience at store with information on where and how to go about snorkeling. I highly recommend visiting this place for all your snorkeling needs!read more
James Porter
James P.
17:58 09 Sep 19
Great experience here! Cheaper than most other stores, but still super high quality. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Seamless experience with our stand up paddle board rental. Would definitely come back!read more
Gregory Matchado
Gregory M.
02:25 09 Sep 19
Great place for renting snorkelling equipment. We rented full face masks and life vests. Got the best rates on the island. And shoutout to Scott for being so friendly and sharing tips for amateur snorkellersread more
20:41 07 Sep 19
Scott was great, very professional and easy going. Renting beach equipment here was a breeze. We'll definitely be stopping by here on our next trip!
Anthony Messina
Anthony M.
16:21 01 Sep 19
I found this place on Groupon and the deal alone was unbeatable. For $24 (had 25% off student Groupon) we got a week of snorkeling equipment and an entire day of paddleboarding. Scott told us to come in and we didn't even have to mess with the Groupon because they would honor it. Their customer service was exceptional. Scott went way out of his way to help us learn about the island and helped us get set up with all of our gear and equipment. He even told us we could leave our car in the lot while snorkeling nearby and would also let us leave our car keys and valuable at the front desk in order to leave behind the worries of getting anything snatched while at the beach. Unfortunately, we weren't able to do our paddleboarding because water was to choppy both times we tried, but Mark let us take out the boogie boards instead, which was probably a better option anyway considering the waves in Maui. 100% recommend using this shop as they were the most friendly group of people we have ever met at a shop of any more
Julie Summer
Julie S.
19:42 28 Aug 19
Mark was fantastic and accommodating! We rented paddle boards for a full week and he had all the gear to be able to haul it with our rental SUV. Very friendly and super quick! We rented online, where you get an additional discount. It’s the best priced place in Kihei compared to competitors. We’ve been to the island 7 times and definitely recommend getting your equipment from here. It’s right across the street from a great place to launch on your paddleboards more
05:53 28 Aug 19
Great captain and co-captain. We had a lot of fun to Molokini. They had all the snorkel gear ready to go, and some cold drinks, as part of the package. We took the 11:30 am trip - but be advised that anything after about 10 am is likely considered ‘afternoon’ and the wind picks up. We couldn’t go inside the crater, and were just lucky enough to snorkel on the backside of it (which is beautiful too!). Highly recommend Auntie Snorkel’ more
Lisa Gibson
Lisa G.
22:38 25 Aug 19
Auntie Snorkel definitely needs to be your go to for all your beach rental needs!! We first rented snorkel gear (full face masks are where it's at) from Scott. I cannot say enough about the friendliness and service we received from him! It was very busy, but Scott made us feel welcome and treated every customer with kindness and respect. We later rented a paddle board and booked 2 tours with Scott. He was extremely helpful and gave us his advice and recommendations. We needed some assistance with one of our snorkel masks and worked with Mark on this. He was super helpful and gave us some additional advice on snorkel spots. I wish I could give them a 10 star review!!read more
Andrew Jison
Andrew J.
19:40 25 Aug 19
Amazing service and very fliexible arrangements. We reserved full-face mask snorkel gear and when we came in, he recommended we wait a couple of days because of the big waves. He said he would definitely give them to us, but knew clarity was close to zero in the water. That being said, he said we could push out our reservation for a later day. We then came in a few days later and he said water clarity was good and even recommended a few good snorkel spots walking distance from the shop. We followed his directions and spotted a family of sea turtles! Again, great service and genuinely nice staff. Very knowledgeable and really values guests' experiences. I would highly recommend this shop for all your snorkeling needs!read more
joseph solorio
joseph S.
21:32 24 Aug 19
Top notch customer service. Rental was ready and easy to pick up. Drop off was a cinch. Watched as they helped a family get set up for snorkel rentals and the care and attention given to make sure they all had exactly what they needed and wanted was impressive. Will use Auntie Snorkel every time I’m in Kihei again. 🤙🏽read more
Gerald Yawn
Gerald Y.
18:07 23 Aug 19
We rented a GoPro from auntie snorkel for our trip to Maui, and I am glad we did! It allowed us to get so many more awesome pictures under water and jumping off cliffs than a regular camera would’ve, and for renting it for a whole week it was a great deal! We worked with Scott and he was awesome! Very relaxed, friendly and super welcoming, he did mix up and give us someone’s phone charger instead of the GoPro charger but hey all those cords look the same haha so I would never hold that against him!! We will definitely go back to auntie snorkel next time we are on Maui! Mahalo!read more
Gus L.
Gus L.
10:03 19 Aug 19
When in Rome... as the saying goes. Well...when in Maui, you gotta have a snorkel set available full time. Your cheating yourself if you don't. Yes more
Francisco Castillo
Francisco C.
01:05 19 Aug 19
Scott was incredibly helpful, not only with our snorkeling gear but with suggesting awesome places to snorkel. Great deals! If you need to rent out any snorkeling gear. I would highly highly suggest! Aloha!read more
Jesse Drach
Jesse D.
18:55 18 Aug 19
Great staff and selection of gear plus tours!!! Super nice and very helpful. Would highly recommend
Dawn Parks
Dawn P.
23:33 17 Aug 19
Scott gave us excellent customer service, great source of knowledge, quality equipment. Had a friend that used another shop and was disappointed...go to Scott and he will set you up and give you great local more
Emily Shoemaker
Emily S.
06:19 17 Aug 19
Amazingly kind and friendly Staff plus quick, very reasonable prices. Overall it was such an easy rental of good quality gear. All around wonderful experience!read more
Greg Meehan
Greg M.
02:42 17 Aug 19
Scott got us set up with everything we needed for a great snorkeling day. We got the gear and some resources on where to go. We saw a ton of fish and two turtles. I will definitely come more
Herman Lee
Herman L.
05:50 12 Aug 19
Made a rental reservation on AS’s website and pickup and return was very smooth. No problems at all! Friendly people with all kinds of water and beach goodies to rent at good prices!read more
Patti Brunson Simon
Patti Brunson S.
01:10 12 Aug 19
We rented a boogie board and skim board online and picked up an hour later at the store. Their prices are hands down the best in town and the equipment was in perfect shape! We decided to keep the rentals an extra day and all it took was a quick call to extend. We will always rent at Aunties along with recommending them to all of our friends and clients who vacation in Maui!!read more
Brian Bikadi
Brian B.
22:53 11 Aug 19
I won't use anyone else on Maui. Mark has my business for life. Gives a personal touch to the experience. To quote my 14y old son "I really like that guy" and that was even after he had to tell him he lost his mask. If he wins my kids he gets my business.We also rented online before we left, no hassles at all. The whole process was first class. We have used the competition before so I do speak from more
Josette Thelian
Josette T.
16:25 11 Aug 19
Mark and Scott are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. We rented everything we needed and they told us some of the best places to eat and enjoy our vacation. I will never go anywhere else. Mahalo Mark & Scottread more
Rene M. P.
Rene M. P.
18:48 10 Aug 19
Highly recommend Scotty! Super friendly and helpful! Really made our trip to Kehei easier! Good recommendations! Loved the Calypso snorkel cruise! more
Patti Simon
Patti S.
17:40 10 Aug 19
Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Hands down the best rental place on the island. We rented online and the prices were very reasonable, way lower than other places. We had so much fun boogie boarding and learning to skim board. Auntie's is our new go to for Maui!!!read more
Katie Urban
Katie U.
02:12 10 Aug 19
This place is super friendly, nice gear, reasonable price.
Joanne Marie
Joanne M.
21:18 09 Aug 19
Super easy to book on line. Very friendly owners. Great equipment and conveniently located right across from a great beach.
Ron niehouse
Ron N.
20:02 09 Aug 19
The greatest place you could possibly rent gear from in Kehei. They went way above and beyond for us and we will be going back later this year.
LeRoy Polgrean
LeRoy P.
21:20 08 Aug 19
Very friendly, had what we needed and it was very new equipment.
Greg Pauls
Greg P.
04:00 05 Aug 19
During our time in Kehei we made regular use of Auntie Snorkel. We rented snorkeling gear and GoPro for our own excursions along the coast, a paddle board and surf board for riding the waves in the Kehei area and also booked our snorkeling trip to Molokini and Turtle Town through them. We found them very helpful, pleasant and efficient. Using Auntie snorkel was a wonderful part of our 10 day stay on Maui. I highly recommend using Auntie Snorkel for all your beach and ocean play more
Bailey Kahan
Bailey K.
22:52 04 Aug 19
We had an awesome time paddle boarding! Mark helped us and was very kind, made sure we had everything we needed, and made sure our boards were in the best condition possible! Would definitely come again!read more
Chanel Marie
Chanel M.
21:31 04 Aug 19
My family and I were very satisfied with Auntie’s Snorkel rentals during our Maui vacation. The process was quick and easy, and not to mention amazingly affordable! I recommend anyone in need of rentals for their beach day to stop by Auntie’s and check out all they have to offer. The premium snorkel gear was easy to use and of great quality, will definitely be back to rent from them again. Mahalo!read more
Wasabi Asian
Wasabi A.
16:57 03 Aug 19
Rented some paddle boards for the whole day but the tide and waves picked up within the first hour and we weren't able to go out into the water. Came back and the guy gave us a free hour the next day. Ended up catching my first wave the next morning. The guys there are really chill, down to earth people and the service is more
Lauren Spanier Ost
Lauren Spanier O.
03:19 03 Aug 19
Scott was Awesome! We rented snorkels, umbrella & chairs for 2 weeks! Great service & price! Gear is very nice! Mahalo you Auntie! 🌺🏝🏖read more
Jude Salas
Jude S.
06:42 27 Jul 19
Cool dude, returned my items a little late with no issues, too notch rentals and customer service
Mark Kusec
Mark K.
22:05 24 Jul 19
Such great customer service, perfect location and outstanding gear.
Amber Rochat
Amber R.
06:12 23 Jul 19
Scott was absolutely wonderful and very helpful when my hubby and I went in to rent jet skis for the afternoon. He was kind and personable when getting us set up. The prices were great and you can rent just about anything there. Definitely recommend for all beach activities!read more
Rob Burskey
Rob B.
19:44 22 Jul 19
Auntie Snorkel is awesome. Scotty is the best. Great Snorkel gear. I recommend renting the go pro as well. It takes amazing pictures and video will your snorkeling. I will definitely be back next year to rent gear. Thanks Scotty for your great more
Marena Riyad
Marena R.
21:51 20 Jul 19
Easy, affordable, informative, friendly. They are flexible with time and offer late night drop off. Their website has information on great snorkeling places as well. Have fun!read more
Brian Adams
Brian A.
13:27 16 Jul 19
This place is awesome. Very personal experience. Makes everyone fell welcome even when he is dealing with multiple customers at once. Had a full day rental with paddleboards and snorkel equipment. Winds picked up in the afternoon and couldn't paddlleboard anymore but allowed us to comeback the next morning until noon to continue with our rental. Great price and more
Kelcee Oyler
Kelcee O.
23:54 15 Jul 19
These guys are awesome and flexible! Unbelievably friendly staff. Gear was like new and well taken care of. Thanks for providing us the snorkel gear to enjoy Maui!read more
Michael Mills
Michael M.
15:57 08 Jul 19
Nowhere else you need to go. Super friendly and knowledgeable. I won't go anywhere else!
Kevin H
Kevin H
22:05 07 Jul 19
Great experience. Even after I lost some gear. I would highly recommend Auntie’s
jack davis
jack D.
22:04 07 Jul 19
So friendly and very easy going. Very down to earth and knows what he’s talking about. I highly recommend this business. Love going in there and talking to him. We even went there to buy my son some goggles because he loved how we where treated so well. Thanks again for everything buddy. Jack Davis 😃read more
Dan Truong
Dan T.
22:37 03 Jul 19
Great customer service. Auntie wasn't there but her nephew (I think was Scott) was very helpful and support friendly. My 11 year old want to try out boogie boarding for the first time and Scott was so kind helping him pick out the right size for him.Best $5 we spent in Mauii.Cheapest in town I found.I would definitely recommend this placeto anyone and definitely come back whenI'm in Mauii again.Thanks Auntie!read more
Danvi Vu
Danvi V.
14:40 30 Jun 19
Scott is amazing! A few people kept trying to cut in front of us but Scott made sure we were taken care of. Their prices are better then bobs and they have amazing customer service. I feel like bobs snorkeling tries to reel you in with false advertisements and Auntie Snorkeling is a honest mom and pop shop which I really appreciated and their prices are definitely reasonable and cheaper then bobs. I’ve already recommended them to my friends and family! And I wouldn’t hesitate to rent from them more
Craig Leeser
Craig L.
03:32 27 Jun 19
Mahalo a million to Scott and Mike. Thank you for finding us excursions when everyone else was sold out and the best prices.You can tell these gentlemen care about your more
Shelley Beatrice
Shelley B.
03:30 27 Jun 19
Amazing from start to finish! Don't go anywhere else! Scotty will take great care of u!
Craig L.
Craig L.
20:50 26 Jun 19
Rent or book from here!!Mark & Scott are all you need!!!RENT BIKES!!!!!!So much fun to bike and shop. Great price for the week!!!!They will find more
Ryan M.
Ryan M.
04:20 26 Jun 19
Great store with amazing prices! Super customer friendly! Come here and you won't regret it! Super fair prices and super laid back! Mahalo!
Ally Li
Ally L.
20:36 25 Jun 19
I don't usually write reviews, but I really wanted to say thank you to the staff from Auntie Snorkel. The staff was so patient with us to make sure we got the right size of the snorkeling gears. I ended up picking the full face mask and it was almost the same price as the regular one from another snorkeling rental company (you need to reserve it online though). I highly recommend this store to anyone!read more
Eric Johnson
Eric J.
20:16 22 Jun 19
These guys really love what they do! You can tell by how enthusiastic and helpful they are. Thank you for all the time you gave me and my family and for the great prices you charge for your rentals. We'll be back!read more
M Cooper
M C.
23:30 13 Jun 19
Scott was a very nice guy. Rentals were extremely fair priced and are quality products. Scott made it a very nice experience. Thank you and we will definitely be back and spread the more
Steve Walker
Steve W.
06:48 07 Jun 19
We had a great experience with Auntie Snorkel. Mark was very helpful and it was clear he wanted us to have a great time. Auntie Snorkel will get our business every time we visit Maui!read more
Gerry Bloomfield
Gerry B.
06:23 07 Jun 19
So happy we found Auntie Snorkel. Scott is knowledgeable, and does not try to push you into anything like other excursion places around. Highly recommend visiting Auntie Snorkel and Scott for all excursions, rentals, and even information about the more
Phil Renwick
Phil R.
02:01 07 Jun 19
Great service and very nice staff. Also the cheapest paddle board rental on the island. Highly recommended.
Alicia Johnson
Alicia J.
00:31 27 May 19
They were incredibly helpful and nice! 10/10 would recommend and rent from again. Went on a tour that went longer than expected and had to return the gear late, were very accommodating no additional charge!read more
Pierce Owen
Pierce O.
20:18 24 May 19
If you're trying to rent some beach gear for just a few days and don't have a large budget, go with this place. They will not let you down!
21:15 23 May 19
Super, wonderful and helpful staff here!!! Skip all of the other snorkel shops. This local shop is da best! We went here a couple of times and sadly had a problem with a piece of equipment we purchased. They took very good care of us. LOVE this place! Will be back more
Evelyn C.
Evelyn C.
14:37 20 May 19
Had bought a cheap-o snorkel set from a tourist gift shop at some point. Tried going snorkeling and got what felt like half the ocean go up my nose. more
Emily Challis
Emily C.
22:09 16 May 19
Awesome shop with exceptional customer service! Scott was amazing and we had a fun time chatting with him when we returned our SUP’s. All of the equipment is in great shape. If we are ever back on Maui we will definitely use Auntie Snorkel again!read more
Jenna Tennant
Jenna T.
03:27 14 May 19
Very friendly and helpful, helped is choose all of the right gear we needed for a great time!
J LaVigne
J L.
22:47 10 May 19
I don’t often write reviews, but this one warranted it. In a place filled with shops catering to tourists, Scott and Aunties Snorkel stand out. We stumbled upon this place as we looked for advice on water sports. As a novice snorkeler, Scott walked us through all the different options and the pros and cons of each, all while managing multiple other walk in customers with patience and energy. In addition to all the questions we had about snorkeling, Scott had several good recommendations about other places to visit and had some good stories to go along with every location! All the stores and sales staff in tourist destinations have recommendations, but Scott’s were relatable and tailored around the plans we already had. was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and willing to spend extra time making sure we were fitted with the right gear for our needs. We would highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a company willing to go the extra mile for more
Andy Lee
Andy L.
14:47 08 May 19
I don't know how we wandered to this little shop, but we are sure glad we did! We didn't rent any gear, but stopped by for the discounted activities. Scott was able to work with us to get us great deals on several activities. Scott was genuine and professional, and we will be sure to come back next time we visit Maui!read more
Rebecca Mae Wurzer
Rebecca Mae W.
03:15 07 May 19
FANTASTIC SERVICE. We will come back again and again
Tanya Wishlove-Stott
Tanya W.
04:49 06 May 19
We didn't happen upon Auntie Snorkel until our last few days in Maui, and truthfully, meeting Scott and popping in and out of this fantastic shop a few times was among our favorite things about Maui!! Scott was incredible: kind, friendly, hilarious, and ultra-helpful! It was our first time boogieboarding and snorkling, and his expertise ensured we had a fantastic first experience. Our son asked a few times, "Is it just me, or are people in Maui REALLY awesome?!" This was every time after we left Auntie Snorkel. We would like Scott to adopt us, or vice versa. Either way, when we go back to Maui, it will be among our first stops! Stellar people and service - it felt like family! A billion stars to these guys, if that's a thing! We can't recommend this place highly enough, and we are picky!read more
Bryan Gutierrez
Bryan G.
02:58 04 May 19
Great prices, friendly people. Like new equipment. Easy to reserve online and easy pickup. I like that it’s family owned too.
James Schlosser
James S.
00:23 30 Apr 19
Scott is a great guy and will take good care of you!
Jonathan Orr
Jonathan O.
15:17 29 Apr 19
Our family loved this place so much! Really fast, fun and friendly staff, great affordable gear and best of all their handy Google map selection of the best beaches in Maui to snorkel at. We went to almost every beach they recommended and had an amazing time at each one. Highly recommended!read more
Kent Bassett
Kent B.
04:49 25 Apr 19
Wonderful experience renting only what I needed, for very reasonable prices. The wet suit helped a lot as the water was colder than expected. Great service. Great advice. Great more
Marty Husicka
Marty H.
21:30 23 Apr 19
Friendly and helpful service with great snorkel equipment
Dinah Lainey
Dinah L.
16:14 22 Apr 19
My husband and I brought our masks and snorkels with us to Maui, but not fins. Friends HIGHLY recommended to rent them, so found Auntie Snorkel was open at 7:30 - they were picking us up at 7:45!! Perfect!Scott was extremely helpful and quick and the fins definitely turned out to be an essential. A couple days later, we returned to rent the full face masks - also a " highly recommended" item to try out - and again, Scott was awesome to work with and the mask was super! The clarity of vision, less anxiety, and easy to use was worth the rental! Mahalo Scott and Mark!! You have a real GEM of a store and location!read more
Chris Schilling
Chris S.
01:03 20 Apr 19
Highly recommend for snorkel rental. We brought our masks and snorkel and rented fins. Rented full set snorkel gear and boogie boards for the kids. Scott gave a discount over.the full week price since we were only renting for 5 days. You can also book tours and more
Nikki Sharp
Nikki S.
20:15 19 Apr 19
Rented all the things from this lovely shop right next to my favorite smoothie shop. Knowledgeable staff who bring aloha to the experience of renting items. Get the chair/umbrella/cooler combo. It’s more
David Stott
David S.
16:16 19 Apr 19
Scotty was the best! took the time with my son to explain things so that we had a blast in the ocean. Didn't make me any better a body Surfer but appreciated the kindness towards my son Angus. definitely recommend these guys for your needs while in Maui. Best prices on tours and things to do as well. Mahalo Gents!read more
Moriah Millwee
Moriah M.
20:25 15 Apr 19
Scott at Auntie Snorkel is fantastic!! Highly recommend to rent from here. My husband and I rented full face snorkel masks for two days. They fit perfectly and exceeded our expectations. We also received a link with excellent snorkeling spots. Super friendly customer service and a great deal!!read more
Kelsey Wertzler
Kelsey W.
13:19 15 Apr 19
This place has consistent 5 star reviews for a reason. Staff is incredibly warm and friendly, prices can't be beat, equipment is top of the line. Snorkel rental was super fast and easy to check out and back in. I would absolutely recommend choosing Auntie Snorkel!read more
Kurt Gundlach
Kurt G.
05:32 15 Apr 19
Needed snorkel gear for the whole family during our vacation in Maui and we could not have picked a better place to get it from! Auntie Snorkel is not part of any chain and is a locally run mom and pop shop. Scott was knowledgeable, friendly and set us up in no time! This would definitely be our first stop for snorkel gear on Maui!read more
McKenna Mitchell
McKenna M.
21:02 11 Apr 19
Went to Hawaii a few weeks ago with my Dad & sister. Their shop is so close to our condo its extremely convenient. Just walking distance to all three of the kaemoele beaches makes it a reliable place to rent paddle board and walk down to the ocean. The staff are the friendliest people ive ever met and well informed of all excursions and prices. Great deals and good smiles. thank you!! form the MITCHELL FAMILYread more
Danielle Johannes
Danielle J.
21:02 11 Apr 19
Mark was so accommodating!! Quick delivery within a couple hours of booking. Thank you!!
Michelle Clarke
Michelle C.
23:20 06 Apr 19
Best place to get your snorkel gear in Maui!!! This is our third trip and we have used other gear in the past, but this place by far was the best equipment, prices, and customer service. We always do a few extra activities (sea kayaking to turtle town is great) and the equipment that we rented from Auntie' s was so much better than what would have been provided. When we come back we will definitely use them again!!!read more
Ryan Hudson
Ryan H.
04:27 05 Apr 19
Great equipment, friendly staff and tons of local knowledge. Stopped in one morning to rent a paddle board for the day and the gentleman working there told me it was going to get windy and to try it a different day. He was right on, the wind picked up about 20 minutes later and we would have wasted a day. Came back the next day and rented a newer, nice board! We really appreciated having them look out for us! The chairs and umbrella were perfect more
Colby Brinnon
Colby B.
17:12 04 Apr 19
Super friendly fast and convenient. We rented paddleboards.
Alysha W
Alysha W
22:56 01 Apr 19
My husband and I went to auntie snorkel and we were helped by a very nice man named Scott. I was very uncomfortable about paddle boarding and Scott was very good about answering my questions and helping to ease my concerns. I would recommend auntie snorkel to anyone who is just learning or has questions. The helpful staff really make all the more
Crystal Webb
Crystal W.
06:13 01 Apr 19
Amazing customer service, Scott is awesome! he was able to squeeze us in last minute for a whale watch. We priced compared and in doing so not only found auntie snorkel cheaper but a lot more more
Jenny Smith
Jenny S.
17:46 31 Mar 19
We came to Hawaii for adventure and relaxation with all five kids. First family vacation in years. One day we went kayaking and I was so cold in the water that it almost ruined the experience. Our guide gave me his wet suit jacket to warm up and told me where to rent one for the week. We went Auntie Snorkel and were so thankful that they had a wet suit I could rent for the week. It was the best money spent on the trip and made the snorkeling and waterfall repelling so much more enjoyable because I wasn't freezing cold. Scott's business card says "fun specialist" and that's so spot on. He not only helped me enjoy our trip more by fitting me with a suit, but he was also very supportive and encouraging... I had transplant surgery 3 years ago and this was a big anniversary trip. Scott connected with us on so many levels, he took the time to talk and get to know us. Great guy great shop. Oh and we LOVE the sunscreen that they sell there too. Locally made and smells so good!read more
Mindy Aumiller
Mindy A.
03:38 31 Mar 19
Excellent gear, fantastic service, and great value. Highly recommend for all your beach needs 3rd time renting here never disappointed!
John Haffey
John H.
00:20 30 Mar 19
Scott was great! Very helpful and happy and fun!
Stan Rodrigues
Stan R.
21:50 29 Mar 19
Scott is awesome and super friendly and prices are awesome. All equipment is top notch and the advice he has for shows and tours is great and super more
Dave Kallevig
Dave K.
22:47 23 Mar 19
Thanks for the great experience today on the paddle boards! Your advice and info on the area was very helpful. Mahalo
Blake Bordofske
Blake B.
18:38 21 Mar 19
Very friendly staff, clean and good quality gear for a very good price!! Plus they’ll give you coupons for local restaurants that are delicious!
Tracy Bentley
Tracy B.
19:46 20 Mar 19
We rented a couple of SUPs from them. Easy process and Scott was super nice and got us out the door with a smile. Would rent from them again.
Sylvia Rivera
Sylvia R.
19:26 17 Mar 19
Rented an umbrella and boogie board. Very friendly, good rates, would go again!
Lance Frazier
Lance F.
17:38 16 Mar 19
Auntie Snorkel is the best! Scott has taken such great care of us on our trip. He's a great guy who's invested in people having a wonderful Maui more
Dena Hunter
Dena H.
23:25 14 Mar 19
Very nice and friendly staff. Reasonable rate on the items we rented. Will rent from them again!
Cherie Graham
Cherie G.
05:44 13 Mar 19
Rented prescription snorkel set from Scott. Great equipment, price and tips. Mahalo, Scott!
Jeremy Tsui
Jeremy T.
06:15 12 Mar 19
Patient and friendly staff. He took the time to explain and fit us with the equipment. Shout out to Scott. Equipment was well maintained and reasonably priced. I would come back here for my more
Guinevere Ray
Guinevere R.
20:24 11 Mar 19
Auntie Snorkel's customer service is top-notch, prices are reasonable, and location is perfect!
Matt Lahaise
Matt L.
03:12 10 Mar 19
Auntie Snorkel is great! Will definitely rent from them next year! Scott is very knowledgeable and down to earth. He doesn’t try to rent you anything you don’t need and makes sure you have what you need. He also tells you where is best to go to have a great time! Their prices are also very competitive. I definitely recommend for everyone!read more
Kelli Saunders
Kelli S.
00:30 06 Mar 19
Great staff. Rented quality beach chairs for a great price. The staff offered good info on where to go and what to see. Good experience! Mahalo, more
Sheri Scavo
Sheri S.
20:04 05 Mar 19
Friendly service, competitive pricing, great location with parking ... have been renting here for years!
20:02 05 Mar 19
Have been renting chairs, snorkel gear and boogie boards from them for years. Competitive pricing and super friendly staff. Convenient location with parking. Shout out to Scott who hustled to handle everyone and was delightful while doing it!read more
Brian Kittleson
Brian K.
16:32 27 Feb 19
The place to go! Super helpful and adaptable to people of all abilities. Honest service at a great price. We will definitely go here on our next trip back to more
George Berryman
George B.
06:22 19 Feb 19
Leave the brochures and recommendations from your cousin's sister's mother and go see Scott at Auntie Snorkel. Our party of 8 went in with our list of activities and he guided us to the attractions that fit our wants and he took care of all the booking arrangements... while being super personable and knowledgeable. Just wish we would have visited Auntie Snorkel when we first arrived. Maholo Scott!read more
02:33 19 Feb 19
Best snorkel company!! Almost rented from a competitor but decided to check this place out instead and we were thankful we did. Good prices and even better service. Just the useful tips Scott gave us were worth the cost of the rental. Best customer service, thanks for the great experience!read more
Steve Rudolph
Steve R.
02:04 16 Feb 19
My fiancé and I rented snorkel gear here and Scott’s customer service was outstanding. He gave us some helpful pointers on where to snorkel and made sure that we left the store with enough knowledge to have a safe and fun more
Ian O'Crotty
Ian O.
23:01 11 Feb 19
Excellent service and product!!Decided to use the full face snorkel mask and it was well worth it!!! Thanks again
Iain Walker
Iain W.
23:11 10 Feb 19
Absolutely first rate experience. Scott was super helpful and knowledgeable. I’m a bit uncomfortable snorkeling but Scott was able to recommend the proper equipment and give us some pointers too!read more
A VitalErr0r
A V.
05:21 07 Feb 19
Scott was great for us during our stay in Maui. He set us up with some nice deals for different events around the island, and offered the best prices for rentals that we saw. Great store to deal with 🙂read more
Marc Williams
Marc W.
22:04 03 Feb 19
Auntie Snorkel is the "go to" place for rentals in Kihei. First of all, their hours beat the competition hands down. The knowledge, friendliness and flexibility of their staff is miles beyond the others I've experienced right there in Kihei. I would definitely rent from Auntie Snorkel again and more
A Badillo
A B.
07:21 03 Feb 19
Scott is the best! We rented snorkel gear at an impressively low price. We were given loads of valuable info about where to go. Scott is an incredibly honest and generous person and my husband and I are so grateful to have met him on our trip to Maui. Thank you Scott!read more
Amber Giulio
Amber G.
06:44 02 Feb 19
Scott was absolutely amazing to work with. I would highly recommend using him for any of your rental or booking needs!
Tyler Glenn
Tyler G.
17:28 28 Jan 19
There is a reason Auntie's has nearly 100 five star reviews. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, professional and rent excellent equipment. They also have a great location! We were very happy with our experience and would highly recommend more
Shawn Peasley
Shawn P.
01:09 27 Jan 19
Great service and Scott was excellent to deal with!
Laure Camail
Laure C.
05:45 23 Jan 19
Super boutique ! Nous avons été très bien renseignés pour un tour en bateau jusqu'à Molonini pour aller voir plein de poissons superbes et au moins une dizaine de tortues ! Le vendeur ne nous as pas donné l'impression d'être trop vendeur contrairement à d'autres boutiques de ce genre. Il a prit le temps de nous conseiller selon nos envies et notre budget. Je recommande sincèrement !read more
Nadia Clifton
Nadia C.
00:42 22 Jan 19
Scott served us and gave us awesome local tips. Lovely experience and good price for snorkel gear 🙂 Would recommend.
18:45 20 Jan 19
We found Auntie's by seeing how good the ratings were on Google, and we're paying it forward to let the world know what a good experience to expect. Prices were very reasonable, location was great, they were flexible with our drop off time and Scott is a total beauty. His positivity (and high 5s) are contagious. It made me envious of his life... hanging out making juice near the beach giving 60 high 5s/hour... seems pretty awesome. We'll definitely more
Skyler Rohbock
Skyler R.
02:10 20 Jan 19
Prices were very reasonable. Great location. Phenomenal customer service. High quality rentals. Well done. I will use you when I come back. 🤙
Tanner Steenbergen
Tanner S.
20:22 17 Jan 19
Awesome shop! Great people to deal with. Scott hooked us up with a couple surf boards and gave us advice on where to catch some good waves.
Meg Browning
Meg B.
20:05 13 Jan 19
Great place! Friendly Service (thank you Scott!)! We rented snorkels and boogie boards and everything was fantastic!
Mike Alvarez
Mike A.
09:19 13 Jan 19
Scott was awesome! He was very friendly and helpful with our rentals. We highly recommend Auntie Snorkel for anyone looking for rentals right across the beach in Kehei. Mahalo! 🤙read more
21:07 12 Jan 19
Amazing rental store with great prices and management! Thank you Scott!
04:07 09 Jan 19
A great place to rent stand up paddles! The staff member (who is originally from San Diego) who helped us was extraordinarily friendly, kind, helpful and hard-working. I think his personality and nature contributes greatly to the success of Auntie Snorkel. Even when the shop is busy, he processes everyone quickly yet gives them the attention they need.A 24-hour rental costs $30. It is advised to rent the stand up paddle boards early in the morning before the water gets rough. I found that the water went from completely calm at 8am to somewhat rougher at 11am, but even when it's rough you can continue to stand up paddle or just sit down on the board and paddle. Auntie Snorkel opens at 7:30am. If you rent at 8:15am one morning, you can go back the next morning for another 45 minute (24 hour rental) stand up paddle; they will keep the SUP overnight. Life jackets are an extra $5 per day. This was a great activity on Kamaole Beach more
Daniel Duxbury
Daniel D.
04:16 07 Jan 19
Walked in to buy a float for my GoPro and some cheap sunglasses for my wife. Walked out with a ton of great tips on everything from where to snorkel with sea turtles to where to score some killer poke. Scott is the coolest!read more
Mark Pasay
Mark P.
04:17 05 Jan 19
Scott is the man... I walked in earlier this week to a mad house of tourists all looking to rent some fun gear and Scott acknowledged everyone and divided his attention among everyone leaving us all feeling like we were taken care of and made to feel important. Super personable, fun and funny. On top of all that they have great gear, better prices than the competitors and the location is right in the hub of all the best beaches. We’re heading back to Maui in 2020 and won’t bother looking anywhere else than auntie more
Marcel Pletosu
Marcel P.
02:56 04 Jan 19
Rented 3 SUPs from Auntie Snorkel. Some highlights: best price in the area, customer service was great both over the phone and in person, do not run out of stuff even in the middle of the more
Elizabeth Wichman
Elizabeth W.
01:05 04 Jan 19
Scott gave us the perfect sized paddle board and just enough instructions to jog my memory without delaying getting on the water. Also was the cheapest option for our short morning time window --*great * way to spend the morning before getting on an afternoon plane! Tip: there's an online reservations more
John Ross
John R.
01:01 30 Dec 18
What a great shop! Scott hooked us up with all the gear we needed for our family to snorkel and did it with grace and style. When we checked in to extend our rental by a day so we could get out one more time he gave us the extra day free of charge. Scott, while not tall nor terribly handsome, was super kind and shared helpful tips with us about how to use the gear and where to head! I recommend this place more
carianne luton
carianne L.
02:40 24 Dec 18
Scott saved our whole vaca! We forgot our 2 yr olds puddle jumper at home and he had the last one on the whole island! We searched everywhere!!! We called and he graciously held on to it till we could drive from Lahaina to pick it up. Great little place, friendly service, knowledgeable, great pricesread more
Jamie Ackinclose
Jamie A.
22:44 08 Dec 18
This place is the best! Scott was amazing plain and simple. He took time with us making sure we had the right gear and pointed out great spots. We tried a bigger chain store with poor service, then found Auntie Snorkel. Don't waste your time going anywhere else. Thanks Scott, cheers, Jamie & Nickyread more
Jane Carson
Jane C.
05:36 07 Dec 18
Best customer service, recommend this snorkel and equipment rental over all the others Ive used!
Kimberly Goodwater
Kimberly G.
18:36 06 Dec 18
Great, friendly, knowledgeable service! Thanks Mark!Mahalo 🤙
You ́re MyJourney
You ́re M.
05:53 04 Dec 18
Unbedingt hier das Equipment leihen!Die anderen versprechen irgendwelche Angebote, die nicht gehalten werden.Scott nimmt sich Zeit einem nicht nur das passende Equipment auszusuchen sondern empfiehlt auch noch Strände und Schnorchelspots dazu! 1A!read more
Cory Wilson
Cory W.
21:26 03 Dec 18
Hands down recommend these guys for any water adventure or outing. We rented from a competitor and Auntie Snorkel. Not only was Auntie Snorkel cheaper they were also very helpful with advice and understanding of weather conditions before we went out. Super friendly, down to earth people. Don’t even look anywhere more
eileen jiang
eileen J.
21:00 26 Nov 18
Scott did great job , I love his patient and professional service
Michael Rae
Michael R.
02:21 26 Nov 18
Great service. Scott was so helpful and gave wonderful tips. Best prices we found in the area and all the gear was premium. Would highly recommend renting gear from Auntie more
Liz Munnell
Liz M.
02:05 26 Nov 18
Sea turtle in Maui! All snorkeling gear and phone protector from Auntie Snorkel! These guys are awesome! So helpful and wonderful to work with, I highly recommend getting all your gear from them! #maui #hawaii #snorkeling 🐢🐠🌊read more
Trevor Garrioch
Trevor G.
06:45 25 Nov 18
Scott was awesome. We went in the afternoon and Scott took about 20 mins of his day to write out places to go on a map for us and answered all our questions. No question I’d go back to Auntie Snorkel to rent my gear again and you’d be crazy not to as more
Andrew Oldham
Andrew O.
05:59 24 Nov 18
Scott was knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. Rates were better than competitors for the equipment we rented. He had great tips for my wife on how to snorkel. (She has had a tough go of it in the past). He also had great tips on places to go. Shop was very busy both times we were there and Scott was able to attend to more
05:28 19 Nov 18
Scott is great. We always rent gear here. Beach chairs, floaties, snorkel gear. RENT HERE. Directly across street from a good reef.
Erik Braun
Erik B.
00:00 19 Nov 18
Awesome dudes, great paddle boards, and competitive prices. Stoked we decided to rent from here and will definitively be back!
Christene Gravley
Christene G.
22:56 18 Nov 18
Aunties snorkle was the most laid back and helpful of all the places we have used in the past 10 years. We will certainly be using them from now on with all our future trips. Tell your family and friends...they won't be disappointed!read more
Chad Summers
Chad S.
00:14 17 Nov 18
Great service no matter your snorkeling experience level. Awesome and fun staff! Ask Scott if he'd like to watch NASCAR! 😎🤙🏻
Brian Ahlstrand
Brian A.
03:28 16 Nov 18
Staff was really friendly and helpful. Highly recommend to anyone looking to rent some snorkel gear for a little while.
tye forland
tye F.
21:00 15 Nov 18
That scott guy is tall, handsome, and has a full head of hair. 🤙🏻
Ginger Waite
Ginger W.
20:25 14 Nov 18
This place was super great! They had the best deals on SUP (Stand up paddle boards) and Scott was great! He made sure to ask how comfortable we were on them, gave us a short "how to" presentation that I found very helpful, and measured us to make sure the paddle was appropriately sized. Return was a breeze and we had another great chat with Scott. Would recommend and rent from them any time!read more
Marypat M
Marypat M
13:52 14 Nov 18
We had a great experience in Maui -- so much due to Scott's help in getting us snorkel and paddle board equipment (along with suggestions for where to find turtles!). We felt like we'd met a friend!read more
Amanda R
Amanda R
18:02 10 Nov 18
Scott was very helpful and friendly. We got a great 2 for 1 deal on chairs and umbrella for the week 🙂
Evelyn Jung
Evelyn J.
02:48 06 Nov 18
Scott was very helpful and had awesome customer service. The snorkel gear worked well too! Will for sure rent from Aunties next time!
Silvi Sullivan
Silvi S.
06:45 03 Nov 18
If there’s any place on Maui that will help you have a better start to your vacation, I don’t know where it would be. Mark and Scott (he’s the tall, handsome, one) are two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and they’ll make sure you have everything you need. Plus, Scott’s super knowledgeable about the area and gave us great advice on where to get good local food. This is a family-owned shop that provides personal and friendly service, and the rates are competitive.The shop is super well stocked, we really liked the boogie boards we rented! Mahalo, Mark and Scott, for your “aloha spirit” and for helping to make our Maui vacation awesome! We’ll be back!read more
James Olson
James O.
14:50 31 Oct 18
Awesome shop very helpful and upbeat. We had a large group they took time with every person and even gave us a deal because of the group size (12). I would recommend them to everyone !!!read more
Melissa Penton
Melissa P.
19:29 30 Oct 18
Great shop, great prices and wonderful employees! Thank you for all your help!
Marci Ashcraft
Marci A.
05:26 29 Oct 18
Great prices, great and amazing staff!! The location is perfect as well!! If you are looking to rent gear in Kihei THIS is your place!!
Nechele Bradshaw
Nechele B.
17:51 28 Oct 18
Scott is tall and handsome 😊 So glad we rented snorkel gear from them. They made the process easy and FUN!
Vicki Salios
Vicki S.
02:13 28 Oct 18
We had a great experience at Auntie Snorkel last week when we were in Kihei. Mark was extremely helpful and willing to trade out the snorkeling equipment if we didn’t like it. He gave us tips on where to go for the best snorkeling on Maui. We will definitely go to Auntie Snorkel next time we visit Kihei!read more
Danny Fan
Danny F.
21:18 27 Oct 18
This places has all the quality beach essentials for great rates you can’t beat anywhere else. We rented an umbrella hassle free from Scott who’s an absolute delight to talk to. He also gave us some great tips on some places to see in Maui. We really “looked up” to more
Anthony Mason
Anthony M.
22:34 26 Oct 18
Walked in looking to compare some prices on full face masks, which were great, and walked out with a snorkel cruise. Scott here is great. Completely honest and really cares about how far your dollar goes. Felt very genuine and down to earth. The snorkel cruise on the Calypso he sold me was absolutely amazing. Definitely coming back to this guy!read more
Nicolas Hemet
Nicolas H.
22:57 22 Oct 18
Top service ! Nice, efficient, professional, with a lot of services to offer and rental stuff : we surely will come back again there next time in Maui !!!read more
Susan Kitanik Sipe
Susan Kitanik S.
17:28 22 Oct 18
Auntie Snorkel is who I recommend to all my vacation rental Guests over the past 7 years. We always hear high praise for both service and equipment.
Andrew Vargo
Andrew V.
20:18 20 Oct 18
Best gear for the lowest prices! Scott is tall and handsome!
dennis sienko
dennis S.
01:47 19 Oct 18
Rented snokel gear and boggie boards. Very fair prices and Scott, the manager, is helpful and friendly. Would rent at this place again.
Matt Wakeman
Matt W.
00:18 19 Oct 18
Great place! Scott is the man and helped us out with gear and some awesome places to snorkel!
Catherine Yeates
Catherine Y.
02:18 18 Oct 18
scott was amazing!!! he gave us advice about where to go, what to eat and helped make our vacation incredible!
David Tunnah
David T.
03:56 17 Oct 18
We rented a bucket of kids beach toys and a life vest for the toddler, for a week during our visit to Kihei. Scott was so helpful and gave us a bunch of info in the area. Would definitely use them again. The prices were super reasonable and the staff was very helpful and more
Luay Mansour
Luay M.
18:40 16 Oct 18
Amazing service! Scott super knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Definitely would come back.Thanks
Ron Prater
Ron P.
17:10 09 Oct 18
Scott was exremely polite and helpful. The chairs and umbrella were perfect. Don't go anywhere else for any gear.
Kathy Smith
Kathy S.
19:21 07 Oct 18
Great rental shop, excellent customer service from Scott and great prices!
Jessica McIntosh
Jessica M.
16:18 28 Sep 18
We got a great deal on a perfect mid-range set of snorkel gear. Also booked an unreal Molokini tour through them for a very good price! Scott was fantastic and gave us so many great local tips and tricks to living life on Maui. We will absolutely be coming back to them for our next trip and recommending them to friends and family!read more
Brittany Kratz
Brittany K.
14:41 28 Sep 18
you need beach stuff? GO HERE. Scott was the best, he was super fun, informative, and no frills. He didnt rush, made sure you understood, but didnt waste your time or upsell. He rocked! We rented snorkels for the day, since we were ending our maui trip, but we had a BOGO and it was only $8.33. $8 for one set of snorkel... WORTH IT! and you get a bag, fins, and defoggerread more
Chip Atkinson
Chip A.
19:06 27 Sep 18
So glad we rented snorkel gear and booked excursion to molokini with them. Scott was great, super nice, helping us to get fitted properly and book the right trip. He also had great advice on other activities in the more
Brandon Ulmer
Brandon U.
07:05 26 Sep 18
Great place to rent EVERYTHING from. They have anything you can think of and are super friendly. Scott made our trip so great. He remembered all people in our group over our entire vacation even though we never came in at the same time. Awesome more
Wayne Disbery
Wayne D.
21:23 14 Sep 18
Scott was great from the first minute. Competitive prices and great service. Will definitely come back when we are next in Maui !
John Giacomi
John G.
00:10 12 Sep 18
This place totally saved the day and also set the tone for a whole day keishin. We ended up renting a whole bunch of stuff from these guys, and the rates were affordable for high-quality product. More so than that however, my wife and I were exploring Hawaii and really didn't know what the best way to occupy our time might be. Both Gwen and Scott basically acted as our tour guides for this visit and pointed out all the best spots for snorkeling, eating, and leisurely activities. I could not recommend this place more. They have earned our business for life.Btw- the biggest must-do attraction in Maui is snorkeling/diving. We got a freaking killer deal on the Calypso snorkeling tour to was honestly a steal. 6 hour tour for a little over $100/each which included 2 meals, gear, and a super friendly staff, including a naturalist who showed us all the cool fish and turtles. Beers we literally $2. Best deal on Maui. Incredible value. Dont miss more
Sarah John Giacomi
Sarah John G.
01:58 07 Sep 18
This place totally saved the day and also set the tone for a whole day keishin. We ended up renting a whole bunch of stuff from these guys, and the rates were affordable for high-quality product. More so than that however, my wife and I were exploring Hawaii and really didn't know what the best way to occupy our time might be. Both Gwen and Scott basically acted as our tour guides for this visit and pointed out all the best spots for snorkeling, eating, and leisurely activities. I could not recommend this place more. They have earned our business for life.Btw- the biggest must-do attraction in Maui is snorkeling/diving. We got a freaking killer deal on the Calypso snorkeling tour to was honestly a steal. 6 hour tour for a little over $100/each which included 2 meals, gear, and a super friendly staff, including a naturalist who showed us all the cool fish and turtles. Beers we literally $2. Best deal on Maui. Incredible value. Dont miss more
Olivia Kenyon
Olivia K.
00:51 03 Sep 18
I love this shop. Super friendly, local family owned business that I was happy to support. They have EVERYTHING you could possibly need including being able to rent a waterproof go pro!!! This made such an awesome addition to our trip!! Everything is so affordable!read more
Roy Sedona
Roy S.
19:46 17 Aug 18
Easy rentals. Mark and George took good care of my rental needs.
Sharon Drwall Baker
Sharon Drwall B.
04:34 15 Aug 18
Thank you to Mark for a great paddle board rental experience! We had never paddle boarded before and with his instruction and encouragement we had a great morning out on the water! Mark was very pleasant, energetic and friendly. I would recommend Auntie Snorkel for your rental experience while in Kehi!read more
03:33 02 Aug 18
Highly recommended. Gwen is great! Highly recommend beach chairs and snorkel gear, we got to see so many turtles🎉🎉
03:28 02 Aug 18
Wanted to find a full face snorkel, they had it. I have issues with normal snorkel goggles because I have a beard and mustache making water come in. The full face one gave me no issues at all! Gwen was super friendly and explained everything. We ended up renting beach chairs too, I highly recommend them if you’re planning to spend some time at the beach. We saw sea turtles every time we went out so definitely worth renting snorkels for a day or longer! Also 24h rental so we only had to bring back the day after at the same time we got more
Guillaume Patenaude
Guillaume P.
18:10 16 Jul 18
Very friendly service and cheaper than competitors nearby...
Kimberle McGaw
Kimberle M.
18:59 14 Jul 18
We have rented from Auntie’s on several trips and love them! The are upbeat, helpful, fun, and incredibly reasonably priced. We will drive to them instead of using our resort rental option. Their equipment is 1st rate and they make renting as easy as it can be. Try them and you will love them too!read more
Beatriz Bea MoDo
Beatriz Bea M.
04:00 11 Jul 18
Extremely helpful, he took his time to explain stuff to us and gives us tips about locations and parking. Highly recommend!!!! Mahalo! ������read more
Julia Grooms
Julia G.